Meet Katy.

She's is everything you want in a housekeeper, manager & human being. Get to know her as we do...

Your Apartment Housekeeping Team

The Queen of Clean. Running machine. Heartfelt housekeeper.

Katy no matter what the day may bring, she brimming with life and laughter. Managing the housekeeping across most of our serviced apartments in Bristol, and our aparthotel in Clifton Village, she is truly is the Queen of Clean.

When she’s not turning around our apartments in record times with her incredible team, she is turning up dirt on the pavements and countryside running 6 kilometers a day and then some.

Your Apartment provide a safer way to stay in Bristol

It’s our promise to create clean, spacious, tech-driven serviced apartments tailored to the needs of today’s traveller.

In the current climate, cleaning is fundamental to ensuring we can give our guests as safe a stay with us as possible. This of course means Katy and her team are putting themselves out there to keep everything going. And for doing that, we are wholly and eternally grateful.

Katy is always smiling and her bubbling personality is undefeatable. When we are back in the office, it is a privilege to get to see her determination to get the job done good and proper.

If you stay with us regularly, you’ll probably see her around working hard and being a boss.

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