A Safe Place to Stay & Work

Here is an overview of how we intend to ensure that we can offer you a safe place to call home (or work) in 2021...

We are now very pleased to be welcoming back our leisure guests to Your Apartment.

We are continually reviewing government guidance and our processes at Your Apartment to help keep you safe during your time with us.

To help our visitors achieve this, we are continually asking ourselves how we can further minimise the risks when travelling and staying overnight or when using our coworking space?

Here is an overview of how we intend to ensure that we can offer you a safe place to call home (or work) in 2021...

Entirely Contactless

Check-In & Check-Out

Here at Your Apartment, we have praised ourselves on being an entirely contactless business long before COVID was even ‘a thing’.


Since then, we have made several advancements to help keep social contact to a minimum while still allowing us to offer guests a memorable home from home experience without the need for face-to-face interaction.

A New Age of Accesibility

Contactless/Keyless Access

Our new aparthotel is now open in Clifton Village and has taken contactless even further. Access to your room will be granted via your smartphone.


That’s right, we’ve even got rid of keys.


We also use the same tech for access to our Coworking Space at Your Apartment – Clifton Village.

Your Apartment - Clifton House

Quick & Easy


All invoices and payments can be done either via online payment link or if you’d prefer over the telephone during business hours.

Time to Rest

Dormant Apartments

We are doing all we can to ensure that the apartment you’re going to be calling home has been empty for at least 24 hours prior to your arrival where possible.


If someone has been confirmed to have developed symptoms during their stay, we do ask them to make us aware so we can avoid guests using this apartment until extensively deep cleaned.


We then leave this apartment available for 48 hours before the next guests enter wherever possible.

Squeaky Clean

COVID-Thorough Cleaning

Our Housekeepers have been thoroughly trained in deep cleaning all of our apartments between guests. Every surface including switches, door handles, remote controls, buttons, keys and dials are disinfected/sanitised.


If you feel something isn’t as expected, we please ask you to contact us as soon as you arrive at your apartment.


Our Coworking Space & the bathroom in the lobby is cleaned throughout the day and a checklist is visible to show who and when last carried out a clean. All cleaning equiptment is commerically approved.

Communal Areas

All guests are expected to socially distance in all communal hallways and corridors and required to wear a facemask when entering and leaving their apartments or when leaving thier desks in the Coworking Space. This is in line with Government Guidelines. If you see a guest not following these instructions please let us know and we will do our part to remind them of the rules where possible.

We also ask all guests to wash their hands for 20 seconds both when entering their apartment and when leaving to go out. Or alternatively using the hand sanitiser located in the lobby. It is a particularly good habit that will help protect you and others by stopping the spread.

At Your Apartment – Clifton Village, there is a communal laundry and co-working space for all residents to use. We provide antibacterial wipes for guests to use at their work station prior to use. We also ask that you wear a mask when not seated and that you choose to sit a minimum of 2 metres away from others using the space unless they are from your household.

A breathe of fresh air


While our apartments are being deep cleaned, our housekeeping team are opening all doors and windows to change the air throughout the apartments.


Aside from this, many of our apartments have air purifiers that are continually replenishing the air in each apartment and in communal areas.

Rowan Tree Bristol

Your Apartment provide a safer way to stay & work in Bristol

Hot, hot, hot

Bedding & Towels

All our bedding and towels are washed using strong commercial detergent and tumble dried on high heat for extended periods of time ensuring all bacteria, viruses and germs and well and truly eliminated. Linen is also stored for up to 5 days prior to use.

Your Apartment - Berkeley Square Apartments, Bristol - Apartment 6

Being courteous

Lifts & Stairways

In some of our grouped apartment blocks, there are lifts available to assist you in accessing your apartment. While the lift may state the minimum and maximum number it may hold, we do ask that it is only used by one person at a time (unless you are from the same household).


Please also be courteous of others when using the stairs in all our apartment blocks and avoid crossing paths in corridors.

For the journey

Getting To Us

While we would recommend walking and cycling to us where possible, we do ask guests to avoid using public transport should you be travelling from outside of Bristol.

Permit-ssion to park


Parking is available at most of our apartments, however, please do make sure that you contact us at least 24 hours before to ensure we can fulfill a permit in time for your arrival.


In areas where parking is not available using a permit, we will do our best to advise you in your pre-arrival email as to where is nearest to park.

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