Meet Dan.

He's the man behind the brand. Get to know him as we do...

Dan Robinson | Marketing Manager at Your Apartment

He’s the Brains. The Voice. And the Style.

Dan is ambitious and driven. He never stops. You might think it’s a weekend or that he is sleeping or watching Netflix, when in fact Dan is thinking about his next post on Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook, Tik Tok. The cogs in his mind are looking into the future and trying to configure how we can get from A to C without stumbling over B.

After joining the team last August, Dan has hit the streets of Bristol and beyond, plowing the seeds to help us grow a bigger, bolder and brighter brand for the future.

He would describe his job as working on behalf of the customer to help drive business efficiency, while continually evolving the customer experience to keep guests engaged and the bookings coming in (ideally directly via our website).


Your Apartment provide a safer way to stay in Bristol

It’s our promise to create clean, spacious, tech-driven serviced apartments tailored to the needs of today’s traveller.

He is the force of hospitality that is helping us get to the next level. From using customer feedback to make changes and amends, signing us up for awards to take our brand to new audiences and forming strong relationships with influencers, journalists and experts to spread the word. He is relentless.

Overseeing all things marketing, digital & PR, he carefully picks and chooses his battles so that he always wins. And when Dan wins, Your Apartment also wins.

If you’d like to connect with the next big name in the hospitality industry, connect with him here and say hello.

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