Meet Charlie.

Meet Charlie Guest. He's one of our leaders, Co-founders and our Managing Director. Get to know him like we do...

Meet Charlie Guest

Owns 50% of this gaff. An all-rounder who doesn’t like squares. Oh and he’s the MD.

Charlie is like an old-fashioned Vespa – hardworking, reliable and class. The irony is that he owns and drives one too. Born and bred in Bristol, Charlie is an entrepreneur through and through, if there’s an opportunity he’ll already be a step ahead of the game.

As Co-founder & Managing Director, Charlie is always open to trying something new. He thinks outside of the box and is a diehard doer (makes us a little sick sometimes). This is probably why Your Apartment has gone from just a few serviced apartments on AirBnB to having over 120 serviced apartments across Bristol and a 34-bed aparthotel in Clifton Village after just three hard-core years of business.

When he’s not working (very rare), you’ll find him in sampling the London life, spending half his time in Bristol and the other half up in the smoke.

Our customers love him. He’s a next gen boss.

If you’re an investor, landlord or someone looking to stay with us for an extended stay give us a call or drop us an email and he’s always happy to discuss any opportunities or help you plan your stay.

To find out more about him, head over to his LinkedIn profile and if you’ve got some bits in common drop him a message or connect.

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