Choosing A New Workplace

Need some advice finding your next workplace? If so, read about the things we considered when creating a new coworking space in Bristol at Your Apartment...

Coworking Space at Your Apartment - Clifton Village, Bristol

With restrictions lifting across England, many are considering when, if and where they will be working in the near or distant future?

During the pandemic, you may already be aware that we opened our first coworking space in Bristol. Located at our new aparthotel in Clifton Village, this is the first time we’ve been able to invite guests from both inside and outside of the city to give our new innovative space a test run.

When creating the coworking space, our Director, Toby, and our appointed interior design team, Homewings took five key things into consideration when bringing the space into its own. And it turns out that they aren’t a bad shout when considering choosing any kind of space in which you intend to call ‘work’.

It would be rude therefore not to share these with you, so here goes…


Location, Location, Location

Starting with the most obvious. If COVID has taught us anything, it is that we were losing too much of our day commuting. And not only did this come at an over proportioned cost on our personal time but also the on the environment.


When choosing your next workplace, make it convenient. Make it local. And most importantly, make it work a little more for you.

Switch on the...


Let there be darkness’, said no one ever in an office. There is a reason why people are happier in the summer months and that is because the days are brighter, sunnier and our bodies are continually soaking up the light.


When we created the Coworking Space at Your Apartment – Clifton Village, we wanted to make sure we maximised the amount of light coming in from outside.


Parallel to this, we also wanted to make sure that the artificial lighting in the winter month would be clean and fresh to ensure that it compensates as much as possible on those dull and gloomy days.

Change it up


Sitting in one place for 8 hours is one of the unkindest things you can do to yourself. And whilst general movement is recommended on at least an hourly basis, changing your workspace throughout the day has been known to boost productivity.


Be it standing, high seating, moving to a quiet spot, or the opposite working with a little more noise in the background. Each of these has there benefits, so why stick to just one?

Reserve a desk at Your Apartment - Clifton Village...

Oozing with...


Some workplaces are bland, soulless, and damn right uninspiring. If we are going to grow our businesses back stronger over the coming months and years, people need colour, flare, vibrancy to inspire them.


When creating our first coworking space in Bristol, this was of crucial importance to us and as you can see, we do not hold back on personality at Your Apartment.

A part of something...


One of the things which we love the most about the Coworking Space at Your Apartment – Clifton Village is the area that its in. And we do not just mean because of the beautiful Georgian architecture but the local community.


The Clifton area is brimming with independent shops, cafes with artisan coffee, delis with high-quality cured meats; the list goes on and on.


Lunches will never be the same again.

Want to find out more?

You can find out more about our  Coworking Space at Your Apartment – Clifton Village here.

Alternatively, if you’d like to book a space, call our team on 0117 3018 444 or email reservations@yourapartment.com.

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