Independent Food Shops in Clifton

Shopping for food has kept most people going over the past year or so and Clifton has got oh so independent...


Fill your larders with this impressive collection of independent local shops in Clifton…

After a few tough years, Clifton’s independent high street has come back in fighting spirit.

While most high streets have been decimated, Clifton has evolved and is now home to some old, some new, and some pretty incredible retailers which most towns or villages couldn’t even dream of.

And amongst this collection of boutique and bijou businesses are a blossoming number of independent grocery stores which would make even the least discerning foodie want to build a perfect pantry.

Here’s a snapshot of some of our favourites all within walking distance of our serviced apartments in Clifton:

Clifton Village

#1 The Mall Deli

The Mall Deli has a huge variety of freshly baked bits and bobs made in-house. They carefully select and stock a huge amount of pantry goods mostly from homegrown soil (some even made in-house).


The days of traveling somewhere and buying a fridge magnet are over. The cool kids are taking home good from The Mall Deli for their growing panty.

Whiteladies Road

#2 Scoop Wholefoods

Founded in 2019, Scoop Wholefoods set out on a mission to reduce the amount of packaging when purchasing those everyday essentials which we store in our pantry.


They have all your staples and reams of other locally sourced and environmentally aware products which are certainly worth bring back to your short-term let.

Clifton Village

#3 Clifton Village High Street

Aside from the places mentioned on our pantry list already, you’ll also find lots of other little bijou shops and delis scattered around the streets of Clifton Village High Street.


Even some of the cafes have small collections of local, ethical and homemade pantry goods worthy of being brought home to the larder.

Clifton Village - East Village Cafe

Whiteladies Road

#4 Farmers Market

Who doesn’t love a farmers’ market?


The Farmers Market is every Saturday on Whiteladies Road and suppliers from all over the region set up stalls selling artisan good and groceries which you often can’t get anywhere else.

Whiteladies Road

#5 Better Food

Gradually taking over each region of Bristol one neighbourhood at a time is Better Food; is the holy grail of organic, local and ethical food shopping.

Clifton Village

#6 Chandos Deli

Chandos Deli not only does a damn good deli sandwich but they also have floor-to-ceiling shelves of condiments, preserves, jellies, chutneys, olives, cured hams you name it which you’ll want to snatch and take back home with you to try.

Chandos Deli

Clifton Village

#7 Reg The Veg

Reg The Veg has become a popular name all over the city. And Clifton has followed suit.

For all your fresh requirements to complement whatever freshly prepared delight you’ve got planned, Reg The Veg is just around the corner for you.

All of these little gems are within just a short stroll of our aparthotel & short terms lets in Clifton.

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