Your Apartment - Clifton Village: Q&A with Interior Designers

With the main redevelopment almost complete, it is over to Interior Designers, Homewings...

Merchants House Coworking Space

We’re now only five weeks away from the launch of our new concept aparthotel opening in Clifton Village, Bristol.

With the main redevelopment almost complete, it is over to Interior Designers, Homewings.

Homewings have been brought in by our Co-founder’s Charlie & Toby to help them breathe the Your Apartment brand into every corner of Your Apartment – Clifton Village.

In light of this, we wanted to catch up with Samantha Haywood who has been project managing everything from the concepts right through to the ordering of each and every pot and pan.

All About Them

Q: So firstly, tell us a little bit about Homewings?

In short, we work with innovators who appreciate how important design is for their business.


Homewings is a furniture procurement platform for those who want to create amazing spaces. We collaborate with real estate operators like Your Apartment to give their customers a memorable experience that aligns with their brand.


We work with clients across the hospitality sector as well as co-living and residential.

What To Expect

Q: What can we expect from the interiors at Your Apartment - Clifton Village?

The design brief for Your Apartment – Clifton Village was to extend the brand DNA of Your Apartment and bring it to life. Punchy lively interior spaces using strong colours and patterns in a studied and purposeful way, ensuring there is harmony and certainly not chaos.


Developing unique rooms that push the envelope, especially in the short-let market was or is the goal. Complementary materials and texture play an important role, as does practicality and serviceability. The designs must not only stand the test of time but also serve the guests by providing the comforts of home with the luxury of a hotel stay.

Double Studio at Merchants House in Clifton Village - Your Apartment


Q: What is the first thing you consider when working on a project like this?

From a design perspective, we always think about the guest first. We look at guest profiles based on the location and amenities in order to consider their needs.


Today the lines are blurred between what leisure and business travelers want in an apartment or hotel room. For example, a desk is vital so they can work remotely, or ensuring they can prepare food, etc. So we need to address these needs before we can get into the truly creative stages. 

King Bed Studio at Merchants House in Clifton Village - Your Apartment

The Best Bit

Q: Is there a particular part of the project you've really enjoying working on?

The designs have been a great adventure of colour. The creative side of the project is always the most fun.


However, the challenge of producing the look that fits the brief, to the budget and then the timeline provide an opportunity that stretches the creative process further.


This really is the ultimate outcome and a real win for the team when achieved.

Merchants House Coworking Space

The Challenges

Q: What is the biggest challenge when taking on a project like this?

The biggest challenge is ensuring we manage the FF&E choices against lead timings, budgets and quality, while at the same time delivering an exciting and operationally sound design.


There are a lot of moving parts, so we rely on our strong supply chain and expert project management to achieve this and to ensure Charlie and Toby are always aware of the choices. 

King Studio with Soda Bed at Merchants House in Clifton Village - Your Apartment

A Take Home Feature

Is there one feature you would happily have in your home?

The beds by a mile.


We have a few different styles of beds in the aparthotel and I would happily have one of each at home but I would need a lot of bedrooms. The bed for me is always the most important part of a great hotel room. This teamed with crisp bedding and a comfortable mattress.


What other hotel or apartment projects have you worked on recently?

Things have been really busy as of late. Last month we delivered some amazing co-living units in Paris, as well as 62 apartment style properties at the Shoreditch Exchange in London. We were also been recognised by The Sunday Times for the Chelsea Green Hotel in London as part of its “80 Top Hotels’ list, which was a proud moment for us.

We are truly focused on delivering great design at scale and love working with innovative clients like Your Apartment.

We can’t wait for their guests to stay and experience it for themselves.

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