Neighbourhood Guide to Clifton

Stay at one of our serviced apartments in Clifton and be just a short walk from some of our favourite places to eat, drink and shop…


Stay at one of our serviced apartments in Clifton and be just a short walk from some of our favourite places to eat, drink and shop…

When planning your trip, you will more than likely read many a rundown of the ‘great’ places to eat, drink, shop, explore in Clifton or Bristol.

Well, most of these guides are paid for and biased, whereas we simply want to tell you where is ‘genuinely’ decent.

We are avid supports of the small, independent and local businesses so we always aim to feature the ones which are worth paying a visit. But we can’t deny that there are also a handful of big boys and gorgeous girls that have something special to offer.

If you haven't already...

MUST See's in Clifton

To kick things off, all our serviced apartments in Clifton are located near some of the neighbourhood’s most iconic landmarks.


We’re all about the delicious, the sippable, and the downright social, but hey, we can’t ignore the insanely cool places that deserve a spot on everyone’s bucket list in Bristol.


Get ready for our entirely non-biased guide to navigating the vibrant neighbourhood of Clifton!


For the foodies

Cool Places to Eat in Clifton

Clifton is the ultimate haven for foodies, boasting some of the city’s hippest independent eateries and a few other noteworthy spots. Brace your taste buds for a journey through some of our favourites!


If you’re all about unpretentious, hearty feasting, then get ready to dive into the best places to eat in Clifton.


These culinary gems are your go-to for a delicious and laid-back dining experience that’ll leave you craving more!


A bit boujee

Tidy Grazing Spots in Clifton

This area is a gastronomic playground that caters to every palate, from the seafood enthusiasts to curry connoisseurs!


Nestled within its charming streets are some of the city’s coolest independent eateries and a handful of notable establishments that elevate dining into an experience worth savouring.


If you’re the type who revels in unpretentious yet delectable feasting, Clifton has a line-up of top-notch places that will serve as the perfect starting point for your culinary adventure.


Food for the soul

Best Sunday Lunches in Clifton

Get ready to indulge in one of the week’s crown jewels – Sunday lunch!


Clifton is serving up some seriously top-notch spots to ensure you wrap up your week in the most mouth-watering way possible.


Whether it’s a chilly winter day or a mild afternoon, if it’s Sunday, a roast is always the go-to choice.


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A bite & a pint

Top Places to Eat & Drink in Clifton

Looking to satisfy the best of both worlds? Here’s a taster of some of the top places to eat and drink in Clifton


Get ready for a tantalising journey through some of the top places to eat and drink, ensuring your cravings for both delicious bites and refreshing sips are met in style.


Because in Clifton, we’ve got the perfect solution for your hunger and thirst cravings, and it’s never too far away!


Snatch & run

The Best of 'On The Go' in Clifton

In the vibrant evolution of Clifton’s high street, the old-fashioned clutter has gracefully made way for the new wave of convenience and flavour!


In this era of perpetual motion and bid farewell to the £2 Tesco Express meal deal, as we embrace the millennial ‘On The Go’ lifestyle. Clifton, ever the trendsetter, boasts bijou cafes, bakeries, delis, and everything in between to keep you fuelled and refreshed while navigating the bustling streets.


Local watering holes...

The Local Places to Drink in Clifton

Elevate your spirits with a sip of local flavor in Clifton! If your thirst is begging for attention, fear not, as Clifton has a cluster of fantastic drinking spots all within a short stumble of each other.


Escape the downtown commotion and dive into a good time with a Clifton bar crawl – the ultimate antidote for those craving a drink without the riff-raff.


Get ready for a shortlist of the area’s best bars, boozers, and beer gardens that guarantee a memorable and refreshing sip in the heart of Clifton! Cheers to the local favorites!


Pantry Perfection

Where to restock your pantry...

Ditch the ordinary and embark on a food shopping adventure off the beaten track!


Unleash your inner culinary explorer as you discover an abundance of organic, sustainable, and ethical food retailers, each with a mission to change the world one delicious bite at a time.


While many high streets have withered away, Clifton has not just survived but thrived. It now proudly houses a mix of old, new, and downright incredible retailers that surpass the wildest dreams of most towns and villages…



  • What is a Serviced Apartment?

    Serviced apartments offer an experience akin to being at home—well, at least that’s how our apartments feel, as they embody the essence of a cosy home.

    You’ll find all the familiar comforts, from a well-equipped kitchen and a bathroom to fresh towels and bedding, a comfy sofa, and a dining table with chairs. It’s almost like residing in a showcase home, but with a touch of extra warmth that makes our apartments feel even more inviting.

    What’s particularly wonderful about a serviced apartment is that you don’t have to worry about the occasional cleaning, laundry, or handling bills. In our serviced apartments, we take care of all these tasks for you, and you can customize the frequency based on your preferences.

  • What's the difference between a Serviced Apartment and a Hotel?

    In a serviced apartment, it’s not just about a bed and a bathroom—it’s your personal playground for choices! Want to whip up a cake, binge-watch Netflix with friends, or order takeout? You’ve got the freedom to do it all, unlike the limited options of a hotel room with just a bed and a sink…

    No one’s keeping tabs on your every move when you step out, and you won’t be rudely awakened at 8 am for a surprise bedsheet change.

    But hey, if you ever need anything, a quick call to us, and we’ll make it happen! We’re here to turn your stay into a fantastic experience!

  • What's the difference between being Self-Catering and being in a Serviced Apartment?

    Self-catering typically involves guests (that’s you!) taking on the responsibility of cleaning the property and bringing their own bed linen, towels, and cleaning supplies. Essentially, you’re renting a flat or house in its current state and are responsible for leaving it as you found it.

    Now, in a serviced apartment like the ones we offer in Bristol, you can save that precious suitcase space for your wardrobe, shoes, and travel essentials. We’ve got you covered with provided bed linen, towels, and cleaning services, tailored to your preferences—so you can focus on enjoying your trip without the hassle of extra packing or clean-up duties.

  • Special Rates for Extended Stays?

    Absolutely. If you’re staying with us for 7 days or more you can expect…

    10% off – 7+ nights
    15% off – 14+ nights
    25% off – 30+ nights

    If you planning on staying with us for a while, get in touch and we’ll see what we can do.

  • Minimum or Maximum Stay?

    We’re happy to take bookings as short as one night, or as long as you like.

    There is sometimes a minimum 2 night stay at some apartments!

  • Is Parking Available?

    Some of our apartments come with complimentary parking such as Clifton House, while others there is a fee. Please enquire when booking and we can advise you accordingly.

  • Are Your Serviced Apartments Dog or Pet Friendly?

    We do have a number of serviced apartments which are dog friendly and others which are pet friendly.

    Dog must be under 30 pounds/15kgs. We provide blankets to cover sofa cushions to prevent them from being scratched.

    We cannot always accommodate dogs or pets in all our apartments for reasons to do with allergies, however, we do always try to accommodate each guests requirements on a situational basis.

    We do not allow cats at any of our apartments.

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