Neighbourhood Guide to Clifton

Stay at one of our serviced apartments in Clifton and be just a short walk from some of our favourite places to eat, drink and shop…


Stay at one of our serviced apartments in Clifton and be just a short walk from some of our favourite places to eat, drink and shop…

When planning your trip, you will more than likely read many a rundown of the ‘great’ places to eat, drink, shop, explore in Clifton or Bristol.

Well, most of these guides are paid for and biased, whereas we simply want to tell you where is ‘genuinely’ decent.

We are avid supports of the small, independent and local businesses so we always aim to feature the ones which are worth paying a visit. But we can’t deny that there are also a handful of big boys and gorgeous girls that have something special to offer.

If you haven't already...

MUST See's in Clifton

To kick things off, all our serviced apartments in Clifton are located near some of the neighbourhood’s most iconic landmarks. Some of these being…


  • Clifton Suspension Bridge
  • Clifton Observatory
  • Bristol Zoo Gardens
  • Clifton Downs
  • Clifton Village
  • Shopping on Whiteladies Road
  • Royal York Crescent
  • Old Clifton Rocks Railway


For the foodies

Cool Places to Eat in Clifton

Clifton is home to some of Bristol’s coolest independent eateries and some notable other places. Here’s our favs…


  • The Clifton Sausage, Clifton Village
  • The Albion, Clifton Village
  • Bento Boss, Whiteladies Road
  • Boscos Pizzeria, Clifton Village
  • Lost & Found, The Triangle
  • The Giggling Squid, Clifton Village
  • Pizza Workshop, Whiteladies Road
  • 99 Queens, Between The Triange & Clifton Village
  • Bravas, Whiteladies Road


A bit boujee

Tidy Grazing Spots in Clifton

It wouldn’t be right if Clifton wasn’t home to a little bit of luxe. If you’re visiting for a special occasion, here are a few handouts to consider…


  • Somerset House, Clifton Village
  • The Ivy Brasserie, Clifton Village
  • The Mint Room, Clifton Street
  • The Lido Restaurant & Tapas Bar, Oakfield Place
  • No. 4 Clifton Village, Clifton Village


Food for the soul

Best Sunday Lunches in Clifton

One of the best meals of the week; Sunday lunch. And Clifton certainly does have some top Sunday lunching spots which will help you wrap up your week well fed.


  • The Clifton, Clifton Village
  • The Albion, Clifton Village
  • Rack’s Bar & Kitchen, St. Pauls Road
  • Vittoria, Whiteladies Road
  • The Lion, Church Lane
  • The Mall, Clifton Village
  • Bar Forty Four, Clifton Village


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A bite & a pint

Top Places to Eat & Drink in Clifton

The way to do it in 2021 is to satisfy the best of both worlds. Here’s a taster of some of the top places to eat and drink in Clifton


  • Bar 44, Clifton Village
  • Bravas, Whiteladies Road
  • Brace & Browns, Whiteladies Road
  • The Mall, Clifton Village
  • The Albion, Clifton Village
  • Somerset House, Clifton Village
  • The Cowshed, Whiteladies Road
  • The Lost & Found, The Triangle
  • The Ivy Brasserie, Clifton Village


Snatch & run

The Best of 'On The Go' in Clifton

From artisan cake boutiques to vegan cafes, the food and drink in Clifton are just as good ‘On The Go‘ as in some of its top restaurants. A few include…


  • Anna Cake Couture, Clifton Village
  • East Village Cafe, Clifton Village
  • Illy Café, The Triangle
  • The Mall Deli, Clifton Village
  • Foliage Cafe, Clifton Village
  • Bakesmiths, Whiteladies Road
  • Eat A Pitta, Clifton Village
  • Spicer & Cole, Clifton Village


..& more!


Local watering holes...

The Local Places to Drink in Clifton

Quench your thirst at some of Clifton’s favourite locals. Some of these include…


  • The Dirty Bird Cocktail Bar, Clifton Village
  • Her Majesty’s Secret Service, Whiteladies Road
  • The Albion, Clifton Village
  • Coppa Club, Clifton Village
  • Hyde & Co, The Triangle
  • Lost & Found Bar, The Triangle
  • Coronation Tap, Sion Hill
  • The Clifton, Clifton Village
  • The Mall, Clifton Village (dog-friendly)


…& more!


Pantry Perfection

Where to restock your pantry...

If you love to go off the beaten track when it comes to food shopping, Clifton has an abundance of organic, sustainable & ethical food retailers each on a mission to change the world. Some of these include:


  • The Sunday General, Clifton Village
  • The Mall Deli, Clifton Village
  • Scoop Wholefoods, Whiteladies Road
  • Clifton Village High Street
  • Farmers Market, Whiteladies Road High Street (Every Saturday)
  • Better Food, Whiteladies Road
  • Chandos Deli, Clifton Village
  • Reg The Veg, Clifton Village


Find out more about each of them here…

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