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By Daniel Robinson - Your Apartment's Marketing Manager

Your Apartment - Coworking Space

The dog ‘office’ days are over and a new era of flexible coworking is upon us.

Does the idea of heading back to the office excite or blight?

Charlie, Your Apartment’s Co-founder (aka. my boss) asked me recently my opinion on returning to the office after six months of working from home.

Prior to the lockdown, I was potentially the most reluctant person on our team to change from five days a week in the office, to five days a week from home.

Having worked in previous roles where I’ve been able to work from home up to 2 or 3 times a week, I had gotten used to going to work and leaving work and I liked it. It is not until you have a never-ending list of things to do that you realise the implications home working has on your day-to-day life.

As many of you home workers know by now, you tend to start shortly after you wake, you swap a lunch hour for a handful of short domestic task-based breaks, you work later, and you never truly switch off. It can like groundhog day sometimes, to say the least.

But as for all-round productivity, I can quite honestly say that I work better when left with a list of to-do’s and to my own devices. What I struggle with is the lack of human contact and the refreshing change of scenery.

Going back to the initial question, does the idea of returning to the office excite me? Quite frankly, it is a mixed bag and I’m going to open it up and show you what’s inside…

The Good...

  • The Team

No one can deny that if you have a great team, it is lovely to see them on a day-to-day basis. It’s nice to be near enough to help each other out, discuss things that are going on, and of course get a drink nearby once the day is done.


  • The City Buzz

I personally love seeing everyone from all walks of life buzzing around The Triangle, running errands, and the endless amounts of road rage and oddities which seem to occur on a daily basis. Keeps life interesting.


  • Time to Reflect

Last August when I joined Your Apartment, I moved into the city (Old Marketing specifically) so I could walk to and from work as I was quite frankly tired of traffic jams and road works. The 40 minutes a day of walking gives me time to think, get some fresh air, and prepare for/wind down from the day/evening ahead.


  • The Ease Dropping

One of the things I love about my desk is not only is it very chic, but I sit between the MD and the Ops Director. While most would probably hate this (and it has its moments) I get the pleasure of knowing what is going on and I can use some of the more useful information to get ahead and help them solve problems & issues in real-time.

Work from our NEW Coworking Space in Clifton Village...

Just £22.50 per day

The Bad:

  • Ring ring… Hello Your Apartment, Dan speaking

My pet hate in offices is people talking on the phones all day. I like to think I am quite an observant individual and if you’re a marketing professional you’re 24/7 observing the macro and microenvironment around you spotting strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats (all hail SWOT). But in this situation, sometimes being able to block it all out is a more favourable quality to have.


  • The door

If you pop into Your Apartment HQ, my desk is right in front of the door. Great for our customers as I am the first person they see (#smooth). However, not so great given the footfall. Oh, and let’s not mention the wind…

The Ugly...

  • The weather

Sadly, there is no way around this one. When you live in the UK, it rains and a lot. I like shiny shoes and rainswept is not a cute look (especially given how incredibly dodge the pavements are on Park Street – sort it out Bristol City Council).

There you have it… a mixed bag, but guess what?

One thing which has changed over the past 6 months of working from home is that we’ve launched our first design-led Coworking Space just around the corner from Your Apartment HQ at Your Apartment – Clifton Village.

This means that I can have the best of everything in life. I can not only go back to the office with my chin up and it might even solve a few of my petty quarrels, which in my opinion is a good start.

So don’t go back in time, keep moving forward. Go back to the office but be vocal, speak to your bosses about how you work best and who knows, maybe I’ll see you at the Coworking Space at Your Apartment – Clifton Village.

To book a space, email resertvations@yourapartment.com and one of the team can get you booked in. See you there!


Coworking Space in Clifton, Bristol at Your Apartment - Clifton Village

Coworking Space at Your Apartment - Clifton Village

Returning to the office doesn't have to be dishwater dull... Try our NEW! Coworking Space.


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