Our Sustainability Policy

How we plan to save the world at Your Apartment...

The environment, the communities in which our business operates within and our teams’ welfare are of key importance to us here at Your Apartment.

We are committed and striving towards becoming a carbon-neutral business by 2030. Some of the policies which we already have in place to achieve this are listed below alongside some of our future plans to drive our ambitions going forward.



How We Are Trying To Save The World at Your Apartment

  • We carefully select furniture for our apartments that are hardwearing and long-lasting so it does not need to be replaced continually. This also gives us the opportunity to repair as opposed to replace
  • As and when we do need to replace or upgrade furniture, where possible we donate it to local charity shops or sell this on for further use as oppose to sending it to landfill. In the past, we have also given bedding and pillows to local homeless shelters nearby
  • We encourage our guests (where possible) to recycle during their stay with us. We provide the refuge facilities to do this (where possible).
  • Pre-COVID, we encouraged guests not to drive when coming to stay with us to help tackle the high levels of pollution suffocating the city. However, more recently, with the government advising against the use of public transport, we have instead switched to encouraging guests to cycle, scoot, and walk when exploring the city but are not actively advising people not to drive. We will resume doing this when it is safe to do so
  • We have introduced digital guides to reduce printing and paper usage within the flats and now have QR codes that link to our house manuals
  • For long stay guests (staying over one month) at Frederick Place & Your Apartment – Clifton Village, we provide locally sourced Pantry Crates. These are supplied by a local shop in Clifton Village called Sunday General. All of the products sold are made and sourced locally or within the UK and from independent bakers, farmers, and producers. You can find out more here
  • During the booking process, we do all we can to try and promote very local independent shops and restaurants which are within walking distance of the apartment. This is to reduce driving or the need for taxis around the city
  • We are an equal opportunities employer and we do all we can to promote and encourage a diverse workforce regardless of ethnicity, sexuality, or gender in all practices



How We Are Going To Build On This at Your Apartment

  • We are looking into adding recycling units inside each of the flats to make recycling more prominent as opposed to just providing recycling bins
  • We are planning to incorporate more upcycling into our interior design
  • We’re keen to add Brompton Bikes at some of our apartments (incl. Frederick Place & Your Apartment – Clifton Village)
  • Bringing more biophilic design into our apartments as well as in public spaces
  • Any new properties (being custom-built for Your Apartment) will undergo full environmental scrutiny to ensure that the businesses not only are designed and built as sustainably as is possible/achievable but also have purpose and support local communities

For more information about this policy, please contact Daniel via email (daniel@yourapartment.com).

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