Sunday Lunch Spots in Clifton in 2023

If you love a good Sunday roast then you'll be spoilt rotten in Clifton. Here are our top places which serve Sunday lunch in Clifton...

Best Sunday Lunches in Clifton Bristol


Be it a cold winter’s day or a mild afternoon, if it’s Sunday, a roast is always a go-to…

Like all our other guides, here’s our entirely non-biased list of the best Sunday lunches in Clifton guide…

Clifton Village

#1 Bar 44

Bore off basic Sunday lunch and hello, Bar 44. They offer a one-of-a-kind Spanish-inspired tapas Sunday lunch for £36 per couple.


Feat. Chorizo  Yorkshire puds, jamón fat roast bravas potatoes and Manchego cauliflower cheese. These guys have Sunday lunches down.

Clifton Village

#2 The Clifton

This popular pub in the village is also a contender for one of the best Sunday lunches in Clifton. Their Yorkshire puds are a particular highlight.


Oh, and did we mention that The Clifton is just a few doors down from Your Apartment – Clifton Village?

Clifton Village

#3 The Albion

You may notice The Albion appearing in quite a few of our lists. Once you’ve been here you’ll be as smitten as we are with the place.


Their Sunday lunch is no exception and on a warm spring Sunday afternoon you can even enjoy it al fresco in the outdoor dining space.

St. Pauls Road

#4 Rack’s Bar & Kitchen

Part of the local independent Quarter Hotel Group, Rack’s Bar & Kitchen is probably the humblest spot that they have brought to the Clifton foodie scene.


They often have live music, Jazz Sunday lunches and it is the place to be to round up a busy weekend exploring the neighbourhood.

Whiteladies Road

#5 Vittoria

Vittoria is that place where you go without huge expectations and then when you leave you tell every person you bump into for about 3 days what a great place it is.


And when it comes to their Sunday lunches, I mean. Just go. Apologies if you find yourself on your knees, praying to their Yorkshire puddings.



Church Lane

#6 The Lion

If you like a traditional Sunday lunch gaff, then The Lion delivers exactly that. They offer a take away roast every Sunday and by is it good.


It’s simple, homemade and Sunday lunch is served to go.

Clifton Village

#7 The Mall

Sibling to The Clifton is The Mall. Both in the village and both serving up equally incredible roasts at a very reasonable price.


This is the perfect pitstop after a stroll around some of Clifton’s landmarks.

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