Top Places to Eat & Drink in Clifton

From gastropubs to cocktail tapas joints, Clifton's a grazing & guzzling ground. Here are our top spots to combine eating and drinking in Clifton...


With hunger, comes thirst and this guide seeks to reassure that you’re never too far from a solution in Clifton.

Like all our other guides, here’s our entirely non-biased list of the best places to not only have a good feeding but also snatch yourself a great tiple in the Clifton area…

Clifton Village

#1 Bar 44 (Forty Four)

Cocktails. Wine. Tapas. These are a few of our favourite things on the menu at Bar Forty Four.

Also, this little gem is located no more than a few shops down from Your Apartment – Clifton Village. This means one thing: only a few steps to stumble back to your serviced apartment.

Whiteladies Road

#2 Bravas

Who doesn’t love wine and tapas? Bravas is one of Bristol’s tidiest tapas joints.


With an exemplary wine list and a Gin & Tonic Bar, this place sure does a sound combo for feeding and watering.

Whiteladies Road

#3 Brace & Browns

We’ve personally not been to Brace & Brown’s before (it’s on the post-lockdown bucket list) but we have frequented Harbour & Browns at Wapping Wharf which is its sister restaurant and it is divine.

Clifton Village

#4 The Mall

A traditional pub that is not only dog friendly but has a cracking menu and a broad range of best-selling and local ales.


The Mall also does a very decent Sunday lunch in Clifton.

Clifton Village

#5 The Albion

The Albion is almost on every one of our lists. It’s just a great place. Great food, great atmosphere. Great beer. Those who work locally around Clifton often make this their after-work pitstop on a Friday.


All year round you’ll find a menu packed with lots of fresh seasonal pub grub as well as very generous selection of local beers.

Clifton Village

#6 Somerset House

This underestimated establishment is a find. Like any premium gastropub, it has a plethora of local and bestselling ales as well as an extensive gin collection (if our mildly fuzzy memory serves a right).

Somerset House is also well known for its top-notch high-end pub food. Borderline pretentious? Yes. But worth a bit of boujee? Hell yes.

The Triangle

#7 The Lost & Found

The Lost of Found is a restaurant and a cocktails bar. The interior design in this place makes you feel at ease but also like your somewhere special.

It’s one of those places where you start in the bar, have a very jolly feeding and then end up back in the bar again and entirely prepped and ready to continue your night elsewhere in the city.

You can also get 20% off if you’re staying at one of our short-term lets in Bristol.

Clifton Village

#8 The Ivy Brasserie (& Bar)

We don’t like giving chains too much gratification as we try our best to support the locals, but The Ivy Brasserie has a great bar, accessible menu and always delivers on service.

Everyone in the village loves it as makes you feel like you’re in Chelsea in London. Oh and they’ve got cocktails well and truly down.

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