Borough by Borough: A Tourists Guide to West London

Planning a trip to stay with us at one of our serviced apartments in West London? If so, then you MUST read this guide…

Planning to beeline to one of the world’s most incredible cities? Well, if you’re staying with us at one of our serviced apartments in West London then you MUST read this guide…

When travelling to London, most tourists get so wrapped up in the heart of the city that they don’t spare enough time to head West. The West of London is made up of several boroughs which each boast their own kindled neighbourhood spirit.

We’re going to be making an appearance with a new aparthotel of serviced apartments in West London in early 2022. In preparation, we want to not just focus on Ealing & Ealing Broadway but look outside to its neighbouring Boroughs to pick out some MUST see and do activities.

Starting off with the epicentre of West London, Ealing.

Borough of Ealing

There’s an abundance of things to do in Ealing. Whether you are looking for a casual spot to grab a coffee or a bite to eat, somewhere to entertain the kids or even the dog, we’re incredibly blessed to be able to be launching a new aparthotel in West London in the coming months.


Should you be looking for a place to eat, to name a few there’s Gordan Ramsay’s Bread Street Cafe, No.17 Dickens Yard. If you want something a little fancier, then on Ealing Green there is Soane’s Kitchen. There are so many places we’ve even written another blog all about them here.


If you’re looking for entertainment, look no further than Navtar, a cutting-edge VR experience. Or if you see yourself as a bit of a baker then head to Hen Corner for a cookery lesson.


If this hasn’t whetted your appetite enough, have a graze on our neighbourhood guide to Ealing Broadway.

Borough of Brent

North East of Ealing, you have Brent. This often unspoken about borough was crowned by The Mayor’s as his London Borough of Culture in 2020. And rightly so as it deserves to be noticed and brought into the spotlight.

Bit of a petrolhead? Ace Café London should be on your bucket list. If you’re a bit of a sightseer, then you MUST stop by one of the largest Hindu temples outside India at BAPS Shri Swaminarayan Mandir (also known as Neasden Temple).


If you like a little bit of theatre then Brent is home to Kiln Theatre, voted London’s best theatre in 2021. The borough is home to one of the most famous stadiums in the world ‘Wembley. If you time it right you might be lucky and bag yourself some tickets to a gig, football game, or even an exhibit at the SSE.


Quite a mix I’m sure you’ll agree but certainly of the good kind.

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Hammersmith and Fulham

South East of Ealing you’ll find the borough of Hammersmith & Fulham. A rather desirable place if we do say so ourselves.

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Home to one of London’s biggest shopping centers, Westfield London. But for those (like us) who love a little shopping off the beaten track then get up Shepard Bush Market.


For those who love a bit of a bite to eat, this borough has too much choice. From Azou, which even Gordan Ramsey himself awarded best restaurant of the year in 2010 to Indian street food station Patri (which means train station in Indian if you were wondering).


If you’re more of a pub-goer, then Hammersmith & Fulham certainly have a good selection of craft pubs that should be on your guzzle list. We recomend The Rose or The Crabtree.


For more info check out our Shepherd’s Bush Guide!

Borough of Harrow

North of Ealing, you’ll find the more tranquil and peaceful Borough of Harrow.

In keeping with the area’s subdued vibe, is Headstone Manor & Museum. The Grade 1 listed Manor House now tells the many tales of the people who once lived there, as well as the history of the whole Harrow area.


If you’re a golfer, Harrow is home not only to Playgolf London which is a state-of-the-art, floodlit driving range but also Pinner Hill Golf Club. The club won Middlesex Golf Club of the Year in 2019 and has impressive views from many of its holes.


Harrow on the Hill is a famous part of the Borough which has rather enchanting architecture as well as quite a lot of bijou and boutique restaurants, bars, and shops. Some of these include Grove on the Hill which is an authentic Italian in a gastropub-style setting. Another great spot to grab some good grub a beverage includes The Case is Altered & The Hare both in Old Redding – the latter known for a rather good Sunday roast.

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Borough of Hillingdon

West of Ealing is Hillingdon. The first thing that will catch your attention is the vast number of planes passing overhead. This is because Hillingdon is the home of one of Europe’s largest airports, Heathrow. But if you’re not much of a plane spotter, it’s all good.


If you’re a bit of an artisan shopper then Duck Pond Market is a small but trendy street market that can add a lot of charm to your Sunday. If you enjoy swimming, the Ruislip Lido is one of the most popular spots in the Borough of Hillingdon. This is mainly as this manmade reservoir has its own beach.


The Grand Union Canal is a lovely wander on a warm day. With numerous canal boats lining the waters and lots of rich greenery it certainly is one of the borough’s beauty spots.


Like a laugh? The Heath Robinson Museum is one to hit up. Heath was a humourist and illustrator who used his many talents to make people think about things that otherwise might have been missed. A few other places which you might also want to look up are Ruislip Woods, RAF Museum Herndon & the Battle of Britain Bunker Exhibition. All providing a rather joyous day in Hillingdon.

Borough of Hounslow

South West of Ealing is Hounslow. Hounslow is one of the statelier boroughs with the likes of Gunnersbury Park, Osterley Park, Chiswick House, Syon House and the London Museum of Water all located here.

In the borough, you’ll find Richmond Park which is not only one of eight Royal Parks, but it is also a nature reserve.


If you’ve got little ones and need to keep them preoccupied, Hounslow has a vast number of ways to fill this void. From Richmond Pools on the Park. With both an indoor and outdoor pool whilst still in the setting of one of London’s most glorious parks. Snakes & Ladders Play Centre, Jumbo Gyms Playframe, and the Urban farm are a few other ways to help you manage their energy levels.


For adults, Syon House & Gardens is a stunning place to visit as well as Osterley Park & Chiswick House. Hounslow edges onto Hillingdon and Heathrow Airport which in recent years has been excellent for tourism as many head to Hounslow before beelining to the airport to travel home.

Photo Credit_Syon Park

There we have it. If we hope you have taken anything from this blog, we’re hoping it is that West London certainly has a lot more going on than you might previously have thought.

And for those who want to brush up on their ‘London-ness’ read our little guide on ‘How to Become a Londoner’ here.

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