How to be a Londoner

Here's a guide to fitting into one of the world’s biggest cities in preparation for our biggest serviced apartment adventure to date...

A novice guide to fitting into one of the world’s biggest cities.

Very soon we’re going to be making a rather big announcement. In turn, this will mean we will have to learn how to adapt to not only a new neighbourhood, but an entirely new city. LONDON.

Now we’d be lying if we didn’t admit that one of our Co-founders, Charlie is very much a Londoner himself. Having lived in the city for many years and had to make the perilous commute 4 days a week to our hometown Bristol, we thought it was about time we gave him what he’s dreamt of – an office in the city.

And with this commitment of course, will be a series of new aparthotel(s) popping up in neighbourhoods all over London.

But before we get too enthralled by all of that, here are Charlie’s 7 tips to becoming a good Londoner in preparation for when you come and stay with us very soon.


Elevator Talk

Starting with the most common piece of advice; stick to the right when using elevators in London’s Underground. While you may or may not be in a rush, it’s London – there’s always someone who has somewhere more important than you to be.


Aside from that, wear your mask. And don’t you dare smile or talk to anyone who is a stranger.


Walk the walk

It will come as no surprise to a Londoner but perhaps to a tourist. The distance from tube station to tube station is often a few hundred meters. In some parts of London, it can be quicker to walk the walk than endeavour to go underground and catch a tube.


Plus, it’s good to get some fresh-ish air!


Neighbourhood watch

Eye spy with our little eye, something beginning with I? Independents.


It’s all too easy to travel to a city like London and end up in a Pizza Express or a Carluccio’s (if they even still exist). Anyone who knows us at Your Apartment will know we’re all about the independents. And so should you.


You can read here about some of our favourite independent experiences in Ealing Broadway.


Don't want to be a Londoner?

Become a Bristolian instead...


Parks are parks

It’s all too easy to spend all your time in overcrowded shopping malls, tourist traps and rushing from one corner of the capital to another.


Make time for some of London’s incredible parks. And we don’t just mean Hyde Park. You’ll find a few good parks in our blog about dog-friendly places in West London.


Style it up

They are a trendy bunch those Londoners.


Express yourself and make it ‘a thing’ to wear an evening dress while walking through the park. Or even better wear leather trousers with crocs. Whatever fashion you feel most sexy and sophisticated in, London is the place to wear it.


That’s right, even if you want to wear Timberlands with flares and a crop top in your sixties – do it!


Stay smart

London is totally saturated in incredible places to stay. But there are also some questionable Airbnb’s & serviced apartments in West London which should be avoided if you’re trying to be all London and all that.


You want to stay somewhere fresh, vibrant and tech-driven (aka. Your Apartment).

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