Top Places To Eat In Tooting

Discover Tooting's culinary scene with our guide to the best places to eat in the neighbourhood. From mouth-watering Indian cuisine to trendy brunch spots, find your next foodie adventure in Tooting...

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Tooting’s Tastiest Treasures: A Gastronomic Adventure in South London…


We have just launch our stylish new Serviced Apartments in Tooting and we can’t help but get excited about the neighbourhood’s amazing culinary scene. From hearty curries to trendy brunch spots, Tooting is a foodie’s paradise that’s not to be missed.

In this blog, we’re sharing our top picks for the best places to eat in Tooting, so you can indulge in the neighbourhood’s most delicious dishes during your stay with us.

Let’s dig in!


Apollo Banana Leaf

Get ready for a flavour explosion at Apollo Banana Leaf!


This Tooting eatery is a must-visit for those craving authentic Sri Lankan and South Indian cuisine.


From fiery curries to juicy meat dishes, Apollo Banana Leaf is sure to satisfy your taste buds.






Calling all steak lovers!


Get ready to sink your teeth into Bordelaise’s stunning cuts of meat. This Tooting gem is the perfect spot for a romantic night out or a group celebration.


With its chic decor and impressive wine list, Bordelaise is sure to impress.



Daddy Bao

Daddy Bao in Tooting is the ultimate fusion of street food cool and family-friendly charm.


With their delicious steamed buns filled with juicy pork belly, crispy fried chicken, and vegetarian delights, Daddy Bao has taken the London food scene by storm.


Their bold flavours, colourful atmosphere, and cheeky branding are a true feast for the senses.


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Namak Mandi

Namak Mandi is a spice lover’s paradise.


This vibrant eatery serves up bold, flavourful Pakistani cuisine that will transport your taste buds straight to the bustling streets of Peshawar.


From succulent kebabs to fragrant biryanis, every dish is a celebration of colour, aroma, and taste.


The ambiance is casual yet stylish, with funky murals and cosy booths that make you feel right at home



Rosa’s Thai

Rosa’s Thai in Tooting is the ultimate destination for flavour-packed Thai cuisine with a modern twist.


From the aromatic curries to the spicy stir-fries, every dish is a mouth-watering explosion of taste and texture.


Whether you’re looking for a romantic dinner for two or a fun night out with friends, Rosa’s Thai is the perfect spot to satisfy your cravings for bold and exotic flavours.



Smoke & Salt

Smoke & Salt in Tooting is a foodie’s dream come true.


This trendy eatery blends classic British cuisine with modern cooking techniques to create bold and exciting flavours. From smoked meats to innovative vegetable dishes, every bite is a culinary adventure.


The decor is sleek and stylish, with a minimalist design that allows the food to take centre stage.


Whether you’re a meat lover or a vegetarian, Smoke & Salt has something for everyone.


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