City Lights & Local Delights:

Riding High on London's Charm and Local Collaborations...

Unveiling Apartments, Partnerships, and Exclusive Local Discounts…


Last year, we not just added a new chapter but practically an entire novel to our London saga. Your Apartment ushered in not one, not two, but THREE more new collections of chic serviced apartments, sprinkled like glitter across the city’s beating heart.

But hold on, because the party’s just getting started! In the spirit of spreading joy like confetti, we’re unveiling our London Partners Page—a game-changer that’s all about local love and community vibes. Picture this: you’re not just booking a place to stay; you’re stepping into a world where our partnerships with fantastic local businesses unlock a treasure trove of exclusive discounts and perks, just for you.

Hungry? Dive into delectable delights at nearby eateries. Craving a makeover? Our salon partners have got you covered. Feel the need for speed? Strap in for thrilling speedboat adventures—all with exclusive discounts that make your stay not just comfortable but downright fabulous.

Our goal is simple: to make your London stay not just memorable but an adventure worth telling tales about…

What’s that? you want to book in already? Be our guest! You can find all of our stunning London Serviced Apartments right here!

Saying hello to the neighbours...

Discover our new London Partnerships

In the ever-evolving tapestry of our serviced apartments, we’re thrilled to introduce a line-up of fresh, fabulous partners—all just a skip and a jump away from your home away from home.


And here’s the kicker: this is just the beginning!


We’re on a mission to curate an ensemble of partners, handpicked to elevate your London experience, and the list is growing faster than the city skyline.


Planning a trip to London?

Step away from the cookie cutter.

It’s our promise to create clean, spacious, tech-driven apartments tailored to the needs of today’s traveller.

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More of a seaside person?

We also have lots of friends in Bristol too...

Our commitment to weaving local magic extends beyond the dazzling streets of London. We’re delighted to share that our partnership prowess has cast its spell on the vibrant city of Bristol as well!


Nestled by the River Avon, Bristol boasts its own unique charm, and we’ve curated a stellar line-up of partners to enhance your Bristolian escapades.


From cosy cafes to boutique shops and everything in between, our growing list of Bristol partners is a testament to our dedication to offering a holistic experience that goes beyond the walls of our serviced apartments.


Here’s a little tip!

Book 8 weeks ahead and save 15% off our already cheaper 10% direct online rates via our website.

All you have to do is hit book now, select your dates, choose your apartment & select ‘Advance Purchase Rate‘. Please remember, you must choose dates at least 8 weeks ahead and there a minimum 2 night stay in order for our Advance Purchase Rate to be valid.

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