Surprisingly Less Popular Filming Locations in Bristol

We've rooted out some known but not overused filming spots in the city...

Earlier this week, our friends at Bristol 24/7 reported that the filming industry is getting a big old boost in Bristol over the next few years. Hurrah!

The small and big screen industry has been patchy over the past several years. This is of course despite Bristol’s reputation for being the home of many popular national series, films and even blockbusters.

But at long last, the streaming giant Netflix, amongst others, have caught wind and soon the airwaves will becoming from down our way once again.

We wanted to use this opportunity to root out some known but not overused filming spots in the city.

Without further ado, here’s our featured six…


#1 Brandon Hill

Film crew favourite ‘Brandon Hill’ is known for its panoramic views often enjoyed from one of Bristol’s key landmarks, Colston Tower. But often forgotten is its surroundings. Small ponds and overgrown shrubbery all make for a private, yet picturesque moment which will catch an audience’s attention.

The location could be great for:

  • Intimate and private conversations between characters
  • Emotional moments of reflection between one or more characters
  • Sunrise time-lapses
  • Period pieces that incorporate the Tower


#2 Berkeley Square

Photo Credit: Visit Bristol (www.visitbristol.co.uk)

Just a little further up the road from Brandon Hill, you’ll find Berkeley Square. The sloping Georgian architecture makes this setting particularly unique in Bristol.

The site has many of the typical qualities you’d find of a late 19th Century townhouse square. The century-old trees in the park area certainly make it feel like a calm and intimate picnic spot envious of even Jane Austin herself (it’s often popular with city lunchers on a warm day).

The location could be great for:

  • Wildlife observation due to its dense population of squirrels
  • Intimate and private conversations between characters
  • Period television/cinematography

Top Tip:

If you were planning to make a day and night of filming in the Square, we have an abundance of studio serviced apartments available for short term lets on location (Berkeley Sq. Pads we like to call them).


#3 The Welsh Back

The combination of cobbled streets, the riverside passage and historical buildings mixed alongside the new built-up city scrappers make this part of Bristol a truly vibrant city scape to be admired.

The setting is so diverse that from one angle it could look like an industrious late 1980’s set. While from another angle, it can be a modern buzzy urban city hotspot.

Not to forget, this little avenue within Bristol’s Old City changes entirely season by season. When the leaves fall, it is a bourbon paradise worthy of any film crew looking to captivate the imagination of their viewers.

The location could be great for:

  • Boarding or deboarding a boat on the river
  • Scenic dining or drink on the riverboats like Fish & The Apple
  • Period drama due to the cobbled streets and some of Bristol’s oldest buildings

Production notes:

We have some riverside serviced apartments right on the very Welsh Back itself. Take a look here.


#4 Cotham School

Photo Credit: Cotham School (www. cotham.bristol.sch.uk)

A school you might ask? Well, we don’t know about you but we do love a school series or drama. Remember Waterloo Road? Well, Cotham School is steeped in history and has quite the architecture which would make it a fabulous spot to recreate something like this with a new angle.

The location could be great for:

  • School segments for television or film
  • The start of a brand new pre-watershed school drama

You know what’s coming:

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#5 Clifton Village

Photo Credit: Visit Bristol (www.visitbristol.co.uk)

The High Street itself and the streets which lead off of it have an abundance of unique and bijou independents including cafes, bars, pubs and restaurants. This suburban village is one of the few High Streets in Bristol which still boasts quaint and under-appreciated shopping.

The location could be great for:

  • A reality television show like Made in Chelsea
  • Shopping scenes without hordes of a national chain or corporate branding poking out in your shot
  • The little independent cafes and bars have some really stand out decor and outdoor areas

Side note:

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#6 NCP Broad Mead

Photo credit: Bristol Shopping Quarter (www.bristolshoppingquarter.co.uk)

A car park you might ask? The NCP Car Park next to Cabot Circus is one of the few central Bristol locations whereby the car park is roofless on the top floor. Photographers often shoot some incredible sunsets from on top of the popular multi-story which has views over Castle Park that reach for miles.

The location could be great for:

  • Car scenes (ironically as it is a car park)
  • Emotional moments of reflection between characters


And there we have it.

If you want to take anything away from this, remember that no matter where you choose to prop your camera, no matter how big your crew, we’ve got short term let apartments all over the centre of Bristol where you can rest up in between your long day(s) of filming.

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