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We've teamed up with the independent zero-carbon delivery provider, Foodstuff. This means that our guests can now benefit from 25% off...

We’ve teamed up with the independent zero-carbon delivery provider, Foodstuff. This means that our guests can now benefit from 25% off…



A little bit about Foodstuff:

Like us, Foodstuff is a Bristol & Cambridge-based business with a love for independents and delivering a first-class purpose-driven service to their customers. Unlike other food delivery companies, they deliver via ‘pedal’ (or ‘push-bike’ if you prefer), making them the greenest food delivery service in the city.

Why did we choose to partner with Foodstuff?

  • Independently-minded – Foodstuff cover the central Bristol area which is perfect for us as 95% of all our short-term lets in Bristol are within a 10-minute cycle of the City Center. They strive to promote and encourage people to buy from the lifeblood of our cities hospitality sector, which of course, is the trusty independent.
  • Tried & Tasted – Each of the restaurants on their site has been ‘tried and tasted‘. This means you’re far more likely to have great food signed, sealed, and delivered to your door which also ticks every box on a taste test.
  • Eco-conscious – Delivered by ‘push-bike’, this zero-carbon form of delivery is fit for a greener and brighter future. Something which everyone should be working towards in every corner of the world. And we’re all for it.

In relation to our partnership with Foodstuff, Co-founder of Your Apartment, Toby Guest has commented:

“A core part Your Apartment’s brand and ethos has always been centured around encouraging our guests to support, explore and experience all of the great independents Bristol has to offer.

Foodstuff align perfectly with this. It only made perfect sense to us to team up with them to further provide our guests another way to get a true taste of their local neighbourhood during their stay with us”.

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What are you waiting for? Book a trip to Bristol and order some top local grub via Foodstuff…

Over the past few years, to say that there have been obstacles to overcome would be a big understatement. Using food delivery services like Foodstuff & Good Sixty has been one of the many ways in which we’ve encouraged our guests to help keep themselves safe and reduce their day-to-day contact with others to reduce the spread of the virus.

This new partnership with Foodstuff will allow all of our guests staying at one of our serviced apartments in Bristol to save a few pennies during their trip with 25% off their first order. It will also provide a new opportunity to reduce the carbon footprint of their travels.

Co-founder, Charlie Guest has also added:

“As we continue to expand at Your Apartment, we are becoming more and more conscious of who we choose to partner with. Any partnership not only needs to fit perfectly with out customer needs and wants but must help encourage more sustainable domestic travel within the UK”.

There has been a lot of change over the past two years at Your Apartment. Two challenges that face all of us as we recover from COVID are supporting our local businesses and advocating and evolving our partnerships to help do our bit in reducing carbon emission.

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As we continue to expand our network of local independent businesses in the leisure, food & drink or retail sector, we welcome owners, proprietors and managers to get in touch should they wish to become a partner. Find out more about our partnerships here.

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