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Introducing our brand new Co-working Space at Your Apartment Clifton Village in Bristol...

Ready. Steady. Lift Off.

At the end of last week, it was all hand on deck (once again) adding those few little accent pieces to finish off our brand new Coworking Space in Bristol. The first of its kind at Your Apartment.

Our new Coworking Space is located at our new aparthotel, Your Apartment – Clifton Village. The open plan vibrant abode is on the ground floor and is available to both residents and guests to use.

Without further ado, here are some of the fresh and funky features which we just can’t wait for you to come and exploit.


1 - For Residents

To kick things off, if you’re staying at our new aparthotel Your Apartment – Clifton Village, you can have free access 24/7 to our new Coworking Space.


It’s also just downstairs from your apartment which means you don’t have to go far. Hurrah!


The price is right (we think)

2 - £15 per day

Sorry if we just made you fall off your office chair so early on but the price is by far very appealing. For just £15 a day you can have free access to come and go as you please from the space. Very reasonable we think but we’d also like to hear your thoughts on this of course.


Also, should you be a one-man-band or a start-up and you’d like to use the space frequently, we’ve got your back. We can arrange a preferential price for you based on how often you’d like to use the space.

Caffeine Fix

3 – Free Coffee & Filtered Water

Tangy tap water is just something that should be avoided at all costs and as we seek to save the planet bottled water is a no-no. We have a filtered water tap to keep you hydrated and focused without any tummy turning tanginess.


And if that wasn’t enough, we also have free organic Cru Kafe coffee available to keep you supercharged all day long.

No touchy-feely

4 - Entirely Contactless

Simply drop us a message via email or call us to book a space and we’ll send you access details and a digital key so you can access the Coworking Space.

Ants in your pants

5 - Work Sitting or Standing

If you’re like us and you like to alternate between standing and sitting to work then our Coworking Space has been designed especially for you.


With a plethora of desks both high, lower, boothed or standing there’s a place for each part of the day depending on how you’re feeling.

Location, location, location

6 - Lunchtime

Our Coworking Space is located in the centre of Clifton Village High Street. In just a couple of minutes, you can be grabbing artisan cake from Anna Cake Couture, a deli baguette from The Mall Deli, even a vibrantly vegan open sandwich from East Village Bakery.


If you’re feeling fancy you could even stop by The Giggling Squid, The Ivy Brasserie or The Clifton Sausage for a long lunch.

Nice & safely does it

7 - COVID-Safe

Finally, we wanted to remind anyone considering visiting that we are strictly following social distancing guidelines and the Co-working Space is COVID-secure.

You can read all about how we’re keeping our guests safe here.

That’s all for now, we hope to see you soon at our new Coworking Space at Your Apartment – Clifton Village. Stay well!

Should you wish to enquire about or book to visit our new Co-working Space, please either call us on 0117 3018 444 or contact us here.

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