Here’s everything we think you need to know. If there’s something we’ve missed, get in touch.


  • When will I receive my check-in information?

    We’ll send it over 48hrs before you’re expected to check in. We’ll also send extra info such as parking details, and apartment access instructions. It’s worth double-checking your spam, as emails will sometimes end up floating around in there. 

  • Can you tell me the exact address before I book?

    For security reasons, we’ll let you know in your check-in email, which you’ll receive 48 hours before your scheduled stay. 

  • What’s your cancellation policy?

    NO REFUNDS!!! (just kidding). We know that plans change, and we try to be as flexible as possible. If you’ve booked direct with us, you can cancel anytime upto 72hrs before your arrival.

    Cancellation requests must go through the original booking channel. If you’ve reserved through another site, please refer to the cancellation policy on that site.


  • Hidden charges... you got ‘em?

    Nope, no hidden fees. You’ll pay exactly what you expect to pay.

    We do reserve the right to charge for any damages incurred during a stay, not that we expect you to damage anything. 

  • Special rates for extended stays?

    Absolutely. With our current deal, If you stay longer than 28 days, we’ll give you a hefty 25% discount. If you plan on staying with us for a while, get in touch, and we’ll see what we can do.

  • Minimum or maximum stay?

    We’re happy to take bookings as short as one night, or as long as you like.  


  • Can I check-in early?

    Sure – flexibility is our priority. Some early birds like to get settled as soon as they can, and we’re happy to accommodate. 

  • Can I leave late?

    Yes, your check-out time is decided by you. As long as you’ve let us know beforehand when you need to leave, everything’s peachy.


  • How do I access the apartment?

    Our apartments use secure electronic locks. We’ll send over your access code in a check-in email, which you’ll receive 48 hours before you arrive. From that moment on, treat it like your home.


  • Is parking available?

    Glad you asked. All of our apartments come with complimentary parking. Bring yourself, bring your car, and enjoy the city like you live there.

  • Do you have WiFi?

    Your apartment will have high-speed WiFi guaranteed. Ideal for seamless sofa surfing and digital business-ing. 

  • Should I bring a towel?

    Noooo, save the space in your suitcase for something worthwhile. We provide fresh towels and linens for every guest. 

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