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There are many places which you should visit when you are heading to Bristol, but Arnos Vale should be one of them. When it comes to things to do in Bristol, you need to discover attractions and tourist activities that aren’t just the standard you find in the city centre. Whether you are looking for hotels to stay in or you want to book into serviced apartments, Arnos Vale should be the place you want to visit.

Getting Here

Head east toward the edge of the city on the A4 towards Bath, and you’ll come into Arnos Vale. The picturesque Somerset countryside lays just beyond here, and you will find attractions that are unique and far less crowded compared to the usual tourist traps.

What to do…

Arnos Vale is home to the Original Bristol Blue Glass Factory and Shop, which has been famous for over 400 years. Even today, glassmakers keep the thriving business alive, and it’s a place of interest for those who love to visit somewhere with a past. Speaking of places with a past, if you love to take a stroll through somewhere a little spooky with a lot of history, try out Arnos Vale Cemetery. The graves here date back to the early 1800s, and it offers an insight into Victorian Bristol, showing the extravagance of those who once walked Arnos Vale. The cemetery is actually a great site for wildlife spotting, and trail maps are available for those who love to ramble.


Nearby, visitors will find the creative quarter that hosts The Paintworks. This is where the local businessmen and women put down their tools and head for evening drinks and meals. Socialising is a must, and Bocabar is one of the most popular bars around. With delicious food on the menu and a range of drinks on offer, you can indulge a little with new friends. You can even find American style diners like the Tube Diner, which serves US cuisine to those craving for biscuits and sausage gravy!


On The Water

Are you a lover of all things water? Well, you’ll love the fact that the Avon makes its way through the Arnos Vale area. You can hop on a river cruise to Beese’s Bar and Tea Gardens or stick to the tours to Bath. There are plenty of boat trips to the city, and you can enjoy one of the many Avon River Cruises that will show you the local area to enjoy. When you move further up towards the Avon Valley, you’ll find the Railway at Bitton. Trainspotters will love the steam train rides on offer through the year, with even more exciting attractions at the Avon Valley Country Park.

Located near Keynsham, you can find more than 50 acres of gorgeous countryside with plenty to do for children. Take them to see the farm animals and the exotic species living here, and you’ll never look back. Arnos Vale has a lot to offer: what are you waiting for?


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