Top 9 Things To Soak Up in the Heart of Liverpool

Planning on visiting Liverpool soon? We’ve put together a list of the top 9 things to soak up in this gorgeous city...

Liverpool is a big city with a lot of character. This was one of our main reasons for wanting to add it to the top of our bucket list in terms of locations to expand. 

With plenty of sights and experiences to soak up, you can’t possibly hope to explore it within just a single day. To make things a bit easier for you, we’ve put together a list of 9 things that you should absolutely explore in the heart of Liverpool.


#1 British Music Experience

Liverpool is a hotspot for British pop memorabilia and experiences. The British Music Experience is no exception and serves as one of the most exciting interactive audio visual experiences in Liverpool. If you love British pop culture and music, this is a must-visit location.


#2 Eat & Drink Independent

Something unique that you’ll notice about Liverpool is the thriving independent restaurant scene. Chain restaurants do relatively well here, but it’s nothing in comparison to the thriving independent restaurant scene that has seen plenty of unique restaurants and culinary cuisines explode in popularity.


#3 Royal Albert Docks

Wine, dine and shop at the beautiful Royal Albert Docks. With a deep and ambitious history, Liverpool’s docks were at the centre of global trade during the 19th century. Today, life on the docks is as lively as ever but with a modern twist. You’ll find plenty of locations to shop and there are countless options for delicious food to explore.


#4 Strawberry Field & Penny Lane

Strawberry Field is the site of a former Salvation Army children’s home and also the main source of inspiration for the iconic Beatles song “Strawberry Fields Forever”. Similarly, Penny Lane is a street that gained worldwide fame after the Beatles named a song after it as a tribute to their upbringing. If you’ve got an interest in the Beatles or British pop culture, these are great places to visit.


#5 Anfield Stadium

The iconic football stadium that is home to Liverpool FC. With a seating capacity of 53,394, it’s the 7th largest football stadium in the country and has served as the home to Liverpool FC since 1892. This is an unmissable location if you want to soak up the culture and history of Liverpool and we can’t recommend it enough. It’s even better if you’re able to catch a game here.


#6 Architecture

Though there isn’t one specific place to visit, Liverpool is famous for some of its historic architecture such as its Cathedrals. You can experience these fantastic buildings with walking tours, but you can also visit them one by one at your own pace. Here are a couple of our top choices:

  • Albert Dock
  • Cunard Building
  • Liverpool Town Hall
  • Liverpool Cathedral
  • Royal Liver Building
  • Victoria Building
  • Port of Liverpool Building

These are all fantastic options if you have an interest in architecture. If you’re limited by time then the Three Graces (Royal Liver Building, Port of Liverpool Building and Cunard Building) is definitely worth your time.


#7 Williamson Tunnels

The Williamson Tunnels is a labyrinth located under the Edge Hill district of Liverpool. They were commissioned by a tobacco merchant named Joseph Williamson but their purpose has mysteriously been lost throughout the ages. While many of the tunnels are now inaccessible, some have been cleared and renovated to offer a deeper insight into why the tunnels could have been created. It’s an amazing sight that feels like an underground kingdom and is definitely worth the visit.



#8 The Beatles Story

Located on the UNESCO World Heritage waterfront at the Albert Dock, The Beatles Story takes you on an immersive trip through the lives and music of the world’s greatest band. You’ll experience the journey the band took through overtaking Liverpool with their music to their rise to global fame. This is an absolute must for any music fan and it can be a wonderful introduction to the world of British pop music.


#9 Tate Liverpool

Tate Liverpool is the home of British and international modern and contemporary art in the North. It brings together beautiful and unique artwork from all over the world and prides itself on having an ever-evolving programme of unique and interesting pieces. Even if you’re not a huge fan of modern and contemporary art, there’s an amazing atmosphere throughout the halls that will help you appreciate the exhibitions and displays. It’s a fantastic place to visit even if you don’t have much of an interest in this style of artwork.

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