Food: The Best Vegetarian & Vegan Eateries in Bristol

Who says meat-free food also has to be flavour-free? Certainly not anyone who has sampled these best vegetarian restaurants in Bristol.

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Vegetarian and vegan diets are now more popular than ever. And so it should come as no surprise that a progressive city like Bristol offers meat-free venues (or at least, plenty of options for people who want to get animal products out of their diet).
If you’re wondering where to eat in Bristol on a meat-free diet, then this post is for you. Whether you’re looking for a light brunch or something more substantial, these are the best vegetarian and vegan eateries the city has to offer.


East Village Café - Clifton

The East Village Café focuses primarily on crafting healthy, filling dishes that provide you with the goodness and energy you need for a productive stay in Bristol. Here you can get a selection of salad and soups, with ingredients like quinoa, sprouted lentils, and edible flowers. There is also a range of exciting taste sensations on the menu you’ll want to try out, including cardamom and orange French toast and poached eggs in tomato sauce.


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East Village Clifton Bristol


Falafel King

Falafel King, located in Cotham Hill, is an eatery that has been providing busy Bristolians with convenient Middle-eastern food since the start of the city’s food revolution. As the name implies, this is the place to go for falafels – vegan bites made of chickpeas and flour, baked or fried until cooked.

Many people visIt Bristol, just to go to Falafel King. It is now widely considered the birthplace of the town’s eating revolution and the foundation to its broader food culture. If you’re in the city centre, you can head the outlet’s second location, the Falafel Cabins, near the fountain.


Find them here: 6 Cotham Hill, Redland, Bristol BS6 6LF

Falafel King Bristol


Beets N' Roots

Budding photographers looking for opportunities to take snaps of your food will want to check out Beets N’ Roots. This eatery – again based in Cotham – isn’t afraid to create symphonies of colour on your plate, combining the reds and greens of beets and avocado, with the yellows and browns of mushroom and shredded fruit. If you’re a health nut, you’ll love the fresh, whole food angle and cacophony of phytonutrients.

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The Smoked Vegan

If you eschew animal products altogether, you’ll want to check out The Smoked Vegan – a street food vendor in Bristol that provides one-hundred-per cent plant-based options. You’ll find this cabin traversing the various markets around the city. Locally, it is renowned for the smokey taste that it imparts to all its food, bringing out new dimensions in ingredients like pomegranate, pineapple, carrots and pita.



The Smoked Vegan Bristol


Eat Your Greens

Didn’t your mother ever tell you to eat your greens? Well, if she didn’t, a budding restaurant on Wells Road, is picking up where she left off. The eatery, open all day Wednesdays to Saturdays, provides a host of healthy dishes, many of which involve greens of one kind or another.


Don’t worry though: the broccoli and cabbage here is nothing like the tasteless mush you got when you were a kid. You can get your five-a-day in delicious soups, salad or even deep-fried in tempura batter for added crunch!


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Eat your greens bristol


Eat a Pitta

If you’re in Bristol at lunchtime, you’ll want to check out Eat a Pitta. The food business has several locations across the city and services Morcoanno bowls, salads and creamy tahini dips.

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Eat a pitta Bristol


Flow Bristol

If you head over to the historic Bear Pit, you’ll come across Flow. This establishment whips up beautiful dishes made of seasonal produce and makes liberal use of fermentation and pickling.

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Flow Bristol


Croft Ales Taproom

Croft Ales Taproom is located in the Croft Ales microbrewery giving punters a chance to sample the firm’s range of beers. What’s more, all drinks are certified vegan, allowing those that eat plant-based to sample handcrafted brews with a difference.

Find them here


The Spotless Leopard

This eatery has managed to do something very rare – master both sweet and savory dishes. Its chocolate and peanut butter cake is famous for converting patrons to the vegan lifestyle.

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