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Are you a lover of museums and art galleries?

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Are you a lover of museums and art galleries? Why wouldn’t you be! Heading to Bristol for the weekend is the perfect way to soak up the art scene and enjoy a fascinating local history. There’s something exciting to discover for everyone, from the Banksy street art to the history of Blackbeard. Given that so many of the best museums in the country are located right here in Bristol, you will be spoilt for choice when it comes to enjoying a little culture. So, let’s take a look at some of the best museums and art galleries to enjoy in Bristol.


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M Shed

Did you know that Bristol has a long industrial history? Well, when you head to the M Shed, you can dive right in. Chock-full of historical artifacts and exhibits, you’ll find everything from a giant map to find your house to a book that is made with human skin – gruesome, right? Some of the best, immersive exhibits exist here, and you can enjoy a little of all of Bristol’s colourful history.

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The Red Lodge Museum

It may be hidden away, but the Red Lodge Museum is a smash of Elizabethan history, Georgian architecture, and Victorian discipline. Built in the 1500s, you’ll find some of the oldest architecture across Bristol with the most beautiful gardens.

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You want to visit an iconic art gallery in Bristol, and you are here at the Arnolfini! Right by the waterfront, you get to enjoy some of the most revered contemporary art in Bristol. Enjoy a range of exhibitions and a specialist art book shop right next door.

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Arnolfini Bristol

Bristol Museum & Art Gallery

Head to Park Street for a museum and art gallery that’ll genuinely blow your mind! You can enjoy a range of artifacts in this gothic building, including Egyptian history and a variety of English pottery. There is so much to see and do here, from modern art to history exhibits, including some of the Banksy range!

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Royal West of England Academy (RWA)

It’s the first art gallery in Bristol, and it’s got to be on the list! Home to a drawing school with a considerable number of workshops, you can see everything from exhibits, talks, and events to fill your boots on culture!

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Spike Island

With over 35 businesses and 70 artists involved, you can see some of the most exquisite art right here at Spike Island. It’s in the middle of the Floating Harbour, and your experience begins before you even arrive inside! Don’t forget a slice of cake at the cafe to top off the day.

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Brunel's SS Great Britain

SS Great Britain is a museum ship and former passenger steamship, which was advanced for her time. She was the longest passenger ship in the world from 1845 to 1854.  It’s known as the “ship that changed the world” and is a masterpiece of engineering. It’s got to be on your list of places to visit, and it’ll really change your day in Brunel!


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Brunel SS great Britain Bristol

Blaise Castle House Museum

If you go a little outside the city, you can see the Blaise Castle Estate. Sprawling parklands and beautiful gardens encase this gorgeous and fascinating museum, and you will love it if you’re a history buff! (Even if you don’t love history, the sprawling parklands makes for a fantastic walk, with or without your 4 legged friends)



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Royal Photographic Society

Those of you who love photography will love this one. You will find an excellent 200 sq metre gallery, a 100-seat auditorium, education centre and resource centre. All of these facilities are state-of-the-art and available for private hire. All encased in a beautifully modern building encases some of the most exciting photographic talents, with a program that changes with the seasons!

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A co-operative art gallery, Centrespace offers a diverse, local calendar of artists to showcase their work. Head along after a bite to eat!


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