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Foodies, assemble!

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Foodies, assemble!

Bristol is filled with a range of restaurants, bars, and cafes, but if it does anything well, it's the gluten-free options! Those who seek out the delicious meals free from gluten will love the fact that Bristol doesn't skimp on restaurants. Going out for dinner should be a fun affair - you shouldn't have to pore over menus trying to find the right gluten-free dining option. Instead, let us give you a list of all the places Bristol offers when it comes to delicious gluten-free dining!


Pieminister (Stokes Croft)

Gluten-sensitive individuals typically have to miss out on the classic pie and mash combination, but not at Pieminister. Here, pies are made in an exclusively gluten-free kitchen, and you can add tons of gravy to add extra flavour.


The Pony & Trap (Chew Magna)

The Pony & Trap in Chew Valley is a pub that is stuffed full of the best rustic style and seasonal menu changes you could want. All of the ingredients for the Pony & Trap are locally sourced, too!



Indian food is fantastic, and the options in Thali are ALL gluten-free when you want to get a curry for your evening meal. There's even gluten-free starters, poppadoms and chutneys! You can't go wrong with this Indian eatery for your favourite curry, and you can enjoy it comfortably, too.


Burger Joint

Is there really anything better than a stacked burger? Patties, toppings deliciously toasted buns - they all make for one of the finest foods you could eat. The excellent news about Burger Joint is that their gluten-free patties aren't the only GF option, as there is a list of buns that are also gluten-free to be enjoyed. The waiters are more than happy to help you out!


Wild Beer (Wapping Wharf)

Brunch after a night out with pals is a necessity, and now you can enjoy stacked American pancakes and poached eggs with smashed avo - and all without a gram of gluten included!


Salt & Malt

Fish' n' chips have never tasted better and less gluten-y. Salt & Malt gives you the chance to tuck into a gluten-free plate of seaside deliciousness! You won't be left out at sea just because your dietary requirements slow you down!


East Village Café

Aromatic coffees, tasty dishes, and lazy mornings all offer you the perfect "me time" moments. You can choose any one of the veggie and vegan dishes for a gluten-free dish to enjoy at East Village Cafe!


Planet Pizza

Sometimes, you just want to eat something a little fancy. This fine-dining establishment has some of the most delectable food in Bristol, from Iberico pork cheek croqueta to crispy noodles. It's all hand-selected and curated just for your tastebuds!


Strawberry Thief

A boozy night out wouldn't be complete without local scrumpy and beers, and gluten-free lovers will be able to indulge in a range of Belgian beers and more!

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