Fun Facts You Should Read About Cardiff Before Visiting

If you're planning on booking yourself a trip to Cardiff, then have a read of this...

Interesting Things About Cardiff

Cardiff is a good times city, but there are some interesting facts that you may not have known about the Welsh capital. Prior to departing on your trip, here are some fun facts about Cardiff.

#1 Cardiff was the First Fairtrade Capital of the World

This announcement was made on St David’s Day in 2004

Interesting Things About Cardiff


#2 Cardiff has More Hours of Sunlight than Milan

Cardiff is famous for rain, but it actually gets more sunlight than Milan in Italy. Who knew?

Interesting Things About Cardiff


#3 Cardiff is a City of Castles

There are three castles. Cardiff castle, St Fagans castle and Castell Coch Castle. All are worth a visit.

Interesting Things About Cardiff


#4 Author Roald Dahl was a Prankster

Roald Dahl, born and raised in Cardiff, once put a dead mouse into a jar of sweets at his local sweet shop after the owner was cruel to him.


#5 Cardiff is Home to a 19th-century Record Store

Cardiff has the oldest record store in the world.

Interesting Things About Cardiff


#6 Cardiff is Europe’s Smallest Capital

It may be small, but Cardiff is mighty in what it has to offer.

Interesting Things About Cardiff


#7 The First Million-Pound Deal was Struck in Cardiff

This happened in 1907 at Cardiff’s Coal Exchange.


#8 The Captain Morgan was Born in Cardiff

Captain Henry Morgan was born in 1635.

Interesting Things About Cardiff


#9 Clwb Ifor Bach is Named After a 12th-century Villain

Welsh Lord Ifor Bach was famous for kidnapping members of the aristocracy.


#10 There was a Terrapin Invasion in Cardiff!

In the nineties, the popular kids’ TV show Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles inspired lots of Cardiff children to ask their parents for terrapins. Parents proceeded to dispose of the nuisance pets, when they got too big, into Roath Lake and the area quickly became overrun with tiny turtle-like creatures.

Interesting Things About Cardiff


#11 The Birthplace of the World’s Most Terrifying Alien Race

Cardiff has seen recent fame after episodes of Dr Who were filmed in and around the city. In 1963, a race of robotic aliens terrified Dr Who fans in The Daleks.


#12 The First Hansom Cab was Used in Cardiff

As one of the UK’s most bustling cities, Cardiff streets were heaving with traffic which the arrival of the Hansom cab alleviated. The first was used in the city in 1859.

Interesting Things About Cardiff


#13 Cardiff has Unknown Subterranean Tunnels

There are a series of underground tunnels in Cardiff, of which the purpose is unknown.


#14 There is a Unique Origin to Tiger Bay’s Name

Tiger Bay (now known as Cardiff Bay) is said to have gotten its name from an 1870 song by Harry Moreton sung about Butetown.


#15 The Wild West Came to Cardiff

Buffalo Bill and his Wild West show came to Cardiff in 1891, 1903 and 1904 during three of his eight European tours.

Interesting Things About Cardiff


#16 Water Skiing Competitions Were Held on Roath Lake

Now home to the leisurely pedal boat and row boat rides the lake on Roath Park once hosted water skiing competitions!


#17 Cardiff Once Played Host to the Smallest Man in the World

General Tom Thumb paid a visit to Cardiff in 1857 gracing the city with his stage performance. Charles Stratton was 102 cm at his tallest.


#18 Cardiff is also known as the City of Arcades

This great city has the largest number of Victorian, Edwardian and modern-day indoor shopping arcades in Britain!

Interesting Things About Cardiff


#19 The Millennium Stadium is the Second Largest in the World

The stadium’s sliding retractable roof is also one of the largest in the world.

Interesting Things About Cardiff


#20 Cardiff City Hall Cost £12,000 to Build

It opened in October 1906.


#21 Cardiff Once Operated an Electric Tramway

Between 1902 and 1950, Cardiff Corporation Tramways operated an electric tramway service across the capital.


#22 Only 10% of Cardiffians Speak Welsh

Measures have been put in place to preserve the language which the UN has considered endangered.


# 23 Cardiff is the Green Space Capital of the UK

Cardiff has more green spaces per person than any other UK core city.


#24 Cardiff was Recognised as the Capital of Wales in 1955

King Edward VII granted Cardiff city status on 28 October 1905. Cardiff was then recognised as the capital of Wales on 20 December 1955.


#25 Cardiff Once had a Mole-catcher

In 1897, Cardiff had on its employment books a town mole-catcher.


#26 European City of Sport

Cardiff has won the title of European City of Sport twice. First in 2009, and again in 2014.

Interesting Things About Cardiff


#27 The First Ever British News Film was Filmed in Cardiff

The first ever British news film was shot in Cardiff in 1896 when the Prince & Princess of Wales opened an extension to the Central Library. It was also the first motion picture of the prince.


#28 Cardiff is one of the Flattest Cities in Britain

Cardiff is one of the flattest cities in Britain. This won’t help dispel those flat earth theories anytime soon.


Well that was a little bit of fun, now go on if you haven’t already start planning your trip to the epic city of Cardiff.

Cardiff is an awesome place to visit

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