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Your Apartment has a range of boutique styled apartments, available on short term lets. Stay from 1 day onward.

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Bristol and University West of England


Bristol is home to two fantastic University’s, University of Bristol and University West of England. Each year these universities attract more than 45,000 students and staff to Bristol. With such an influx of people, families and lecturers can find it difficult to arrange accommodation whether this is a short term let or long. Your apartment, Bristol have a wide selection of 1, 2- and 3-bedroom serviced apartments located within walking distance of University of Bristol. The serviced apartments offer flexibility, stay for 1 day, month or a year.



Visiting children at University

Serviced Apartments come in all shapes and sizes.  The larger apartments offer an opportunity for families to share living space with children they are visiting at the University.


For families one, two- and three-bedroom apartments mean that you can all have your own space, with communal areas like a separate lounge and dining area for the family to get together and relax. Unlike hotels, where you are either in separate rooms or all cramped together, elbowing each other for a good view of the TV, serviced apartments are typically bigger than equivalent hotels – most with comfortable seating enough for everyone.


Berkeley Square Pads is a 2-minute walk to Wills Memorial and Park Street.


Short Term lets for staff

It can be very difficult to find short-term lets under 3 months in Bristol. For staff who are not in Bristol on a permanent basis, Serviced Apartments are a good option as they do not have the set-up costs, admin fees, or deposits associated with a traditional rental property.


Serviced apartments also save on the hassle of setting up utility bills as all bills are included.

Each Serviced apartment comes with the following as standard.

  • Super-fast WIFI.
  • Smart TV.
  • Very comfortable mattresses.
  • Contactless self-check-in
  • Bedding & towels provided.
  • Fully equipped kitchen, including crockery and utensils.
  • Body wash, conditioner, hairdryer, iron, and board.

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Check-out the new boutique townhouse "Frederick Place" in the heart of Clifton.

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