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We’re all into the big announcements as of late and from Thursday 22nd October 2020 we’re going to be launching our very own Digital Detox Day.

Thursday is a bit of a grey one on the old social media and to be frank, we all need a day off.

Now we appreciate that like us, you might not be so lucky to be able to avoid technology for an entire day, whatever the day of the week it may fall on. But this got us thinking and then we came across this pretty impressive article on LinkedIn by Elizabeth Marsh

So we thought we would try a few of her simple techniques to help us in achieving a ‘tech-sabbath’ style day.

#1 Zoning

Isolate a handful of opportunities whereby you can spend time away from technology.

For example, making sure you get outside the office during your lunch break and leave your phone in your desk drawer. Spend your lunch hour with yourself or go for a walk.

#2 Focusing

Do you have bad habits of having a million and one applications/tabs open on your devices? Close them down and tackle one item at a time.

#3 Filtering

Respond to the emails and read the newsletters in your inbox which are necessary and ignore the other ‘stuff’ to avoid unnecessary noise.


#4 Dialling Down

Turn down your tech – put your phone on silent, turn off pinging noises, the fluttering of another email sliding into your inbox.


As opposed to listening to loud music using your headphones, opt for something more calming and have it on quietly in the background.

#5 Pausing

Waiting for something to load?

We often link this to being slowed down or a barrier stopping us from progressing which can make us frustrated and irritable.

Instead retrain your mind to think that during the time when your device is loading something, it is giving you an opportunity to look away from your screen(s) to pause.


#6 De-cluttering

We don’t know about you but here in Bristol we love terms like ‘upcycling’, ‘re-purposing’ making things ‘re-useful’.


Open your cupboards and drawers and have a good clear out of all your tech but don’t chuck it away. Instead, sell it on. There are lots of companies which would love to pay you money for your unused technology.

#7 Reflecting

Being aware of the changes that you are making to your digital consumption is almost as powerful as making them. So, when you are closing those tabs, taking that phone free lunchtime stroll consider how you’re feeling and see how you get on.

Launch your own Digital Detox Day or join us every Thursday for ours.

Tweet us, Instagram us, Facebook message us. Tell us how you’re getting on and we’ll keep you in the loop with how we’re doing too.

Wanna get away from it all?

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