Southwark's Best Pubs & Bars

Get ready to raise your glass and join us in celebrating the plethora of remarkable drinking establishments that Southwark has to offer.


Sipping Splendours: Unleashing Southwark’s Liquid Delights!


Join us as we navigate the cobblestone streets and traverse the winding alleys, immersing ourselves in the vibrant drinking culture that Southwark has to offer. From traditional pubs steeped in history to hip and trendy cocktail bars pushing the boundaries of mixology, we leave no stone unturned in our quest for libation perfection.

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So, grab your favourite drinking companion, embark on this intoxicating adventure with us, and prepare to raise your glass to Southwark’s finest drinking spots. Let the merriment begin!


Nine Lives

This hidden gem is where mixology mastery meets whimsical elegance, with each sip whisking you away on a sensory adventure.


With a menu inspired by sustainability and a speakeasy atmosphere that exudes cool sophistication, Nine Lives is the cat’s meow for cocktail enthusiasts.


So, slip through the doors, unleash your inner curiosity, and let Nine Lives transport you to a realm of liquid enchantment.



The Distillery

Step inside this gin lover’s paradise and prepare to be whisked away on an aromatic journey.


With copper stills gleaming and gin bottles lining the shelves, The Distillery is a playground for the senses.


Immerse yourself in their gin-making masterclasses, tantalise your taste buds with their creative concoctions, and soak in the buzzing atmosphere of this spirited sanctuary.



The Rake

Nestled in the heart of the borough, The Rake is a charismatic den where beer flows like liquid gold and laughter fills the air.


Step inside and discover an ever-changing line-up of craft brews, from hoppy IPAs to rich stouts and everything in between. With a cosy atmosphere that invites lively conversation and a knowledgeable staff ready to guide you through the extensive beer menu, The Rake is a beer lover’s paradise.


So, grab a pint, raise it high, and join the merry camaraderie at The Rake.


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The Old Thameside Inn

As you step through The Old Thameside Inn’s doors, you’ll be greeted by a warm atmosphere, friendly faces, and a well-stocked bar that’s ready to quench your thirst.


Grab a pint of liquid gold, find a spot with stunning river views, and let the stories of seafaring adventures transport you to distant shores.


With a menu boasting hearty pub grub and a lively ambiance that’s perfect for sharing laughter with friends, The Old Thameside Inn is the perfect port of call for a memorable drinking experience.



The Hide

Psst! Have you heard of The Hide?


It’s Southwark’s best-kept secret, a hidden gem where you can escape the hustle and bustle of city life and unwind in style. Tucked away in a cosy nook, The Hide is a whimsical sanctuary that offers a delightful respite from the ordinary.


Picture yourself sinking into plush sofas, sipping on artfully crafted cocktails, and immersing yourself in the intimate ambiance. With an intriguing menu of libations that push the boundaries of creativity, The Hide is a playground for your taste buds.


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