Are Aparthotels and Serviced Apartments Self-contained Accommodation?

We've been getting a lot of questions about what is meant by self-contained accommodation. Here's some direction...

“Contain yourself” or “You can cater for yourself tonight Sunny Jim”

As of late, given the easing of restrictions we have (understandably) been getting a lot of questions surrounding whether we can take leisure booking from Monday 12th April 2021.

We have carried out a risk assessment and in short, yes, we can.

But for those who are interested as to why this is the case, we have pulled together a few short answers to help guide you.

Let us do some jargon busting…


What is meant by self-contained accommodation?

To break it down, if something is self-contained it is ‘complete’ or deemed as having everything which is needed ‘in itself’.

When applying this to accommodation, this is deemed as a house, apartment, penthouse, villa, etc. space that guests can hire without needing to rely on a third party to eat, drink, stay at the accommodation.

All our short term lets in Bristol can be defined as self-contained.


Is this different from self-catering accommodation?

The term self-catering is used in travel to recognise that the experience in which a guest is taking up requires them to cater for themselves. This usually refers to cooking their own meals, making their own drinks, etc.

So to answer the questions as simply as possible – no, they do not mean the same thing. But in the context of accommodation, yes they are.

All our serviced apartments in Bristol are deemed as self-catering.

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Are serviced apartments deemed as self-contained accommodation or self-catering? Or both?

If the serviced apartment is only occupied by yourself or your party and it has the amenities to be able to cater for yourself (e.g. prepare your own meals, drinks, use bathroom, etc.) then it is deemed as self-contained by definition.

Parallel to this, if you are catering for just yourself or your party in this space, then it can also be deemed as self-catering.


What is an aparthotel? Are aparthotels self-contained accommodation?

An aparthotel is essentially a group of serviced apartments in one place.

For example, we have a 34-studio apartment aparthotel in Clifton Village.

Similarly, each apartment has its own living, sleeping, dining, kitchen, and bathroom space which isn’t shared or communal, but a place for one person or one group to use. This by definition making it self-contained accommodation and/or self-catering.


Should you be looking for a COVID-safe place to stay, our self-contained and self-catering serviced apartments in Bristol are a great place to call home.


To find out more, call one of our team on 0117 3018 444 or email reservations@yourapartment.com.

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