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Find new ways to satisfy your need to connect with a change of scenery and city. Oh and don't be wasting any of that annual leave…

Your Apartment Bristol - Working from Home - The New Hype

We love and miss working face to face with our team in the office.

But as this becomes the norm for a little while longer, we’re desperately seeking new means to connect with ourselves and our surroundings in new and authentic ways.

With holidays abroad off the immediate cards for most and the weather cooling off – what’s left to consider? We pondered and the answer to this was right under our nose the whole time.

Guests in our serviced apartments in Bristol were onto something. It turns out that many were choosing to stay for 4 or 5 days or even a week; working from home during the days and exploring every corner of the city in the evenings and weekends. Fairly genius if you ask us right?

So we asked ourselves, what is it that makes our serviced accommodation in Bristol such great spaces to live, work and play? And here’s what we discovered about ourselves…


We’ve always prided ourselves on the fact that our serviced apartments in Bristol are more like homes than just your average bed for the night. We’ve done this by injecting colour, textures and patterns to give each apartment its own unique vibes. We’ve then teamed these with comfy hotel beds, linen and fluffy towels.

But that’s not all, we’re always here to mix things up a little should you need anything. Our tagline is ‘Make Yourself at Home’ after all.


In this context we aren’t referring to bed hogging (hell no) or sofa spreading during working hours (we’ve all been there). In our apartments, we’ve realised people are more likely to work on the breakfast bar. Or on the kitchen table. Or even on the dressing table. A side table alongside a long hot soak in the bath has also been fed back to us. Our apartments have a surface for every assignment.

Here are a few which almost all of our apartments have (at least) a few of…

  • Desks
  • Tables
  • Breakfast Bars
  • Balcony
  • Terrace
  • Garden
  • Dressing Table


While were still 110% behind all our local restaurant here in Bristol to help keep them going during this challenging time, we can’t deny that we have Good Sixty. For those who might not be familiar, Good Sixty is a home delivery service which delivers only the most locally source and independently produced groceries from around the city and surrounding areas.

Unless you live in central London, you can’t get anything like this anywhere except Bristol or central London. Come get involved & support all things local!

Good Sixty

We’ve got some exciting news coming very soon in regards to our friendship with Good Sixty so watch this space (or follow us on Instagram @yourapartmentuk)


Usually if the serviced apartment is advertised as dog or pet friendly, it usually means that it’s one of the not so fresh apartments. Unless you stay at Your Apartment. We don’t believe in this ethos.

Our love for our guests and their pets align perfectly with another. This meaning that based on the type of pet, it’s size, bread, habits, etc. we align this with the amount of space which we think they’ll need so they can enjoy their stay too.

This makes for happy pets as it means they don’t get left at home, and happy guests as it means they don’t have to compromise their travels.

Dog & pet friendly serviced apartments in bristol


As soon as the clock strikes the end of the working day, step foot outside of your apartment and be a short walk from Bristol’s infamous neighbourhoods: Cotham, Clifton, Old Market – you name it.

And if you’re vegan then you should pack your bags and beeline for Bristol ASAP with vegan cafes, restaurants and brunch spots galore.

Cafe Kino - Bristol

So basically, all we’re trying to say is don’t be one of those folks that are sat at home complaining that you feel trapped because of COVID. Instead, keep up with the cool kids and make working from home work for you and pay us a visit.


The Crescent Berkeley Square Apartments - Serviced Apartment near Bristol University, Clifton

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