Bristol’s Favourite Vegan Cafés

Vegan or not, if you're planning a trip to Bristol you need to get in on all of the independently owned vegan cafés dotted around the city...

Having recently been named ‘vegan capital of the world’ (get in there!), Bristol is on the front foot when it comes to pioneering the rise of all-vegan cafés. And the list of independent neighbourhood vegan caffs are growing year by year.

Being about all things local and independent, we felt obliged to show some love and light to the incredible vegan cafés nestled into the neighbourhoods which make up Bristol, many of which near our serviced apartments.

Neighbourhood: Clifton

Eden Café

The Eden has turnt a new leaf, taking the often rough around the edges vegan brunching concept to new dimensions. Founded by a friendly and passionate couple, Jon and Rosie Winter, Eden Café prides itself on producing honest, tantalisingly delicious and eye-catching vegan fare.


Need another reason to visit huh?! Ok, so if sign up to their online community prior to visiting and get 10% off your first visit.


Become a part of Bristol’s most iconic neighbourhood and make one of our serviced apartments in Clifton your home from home.

Eden Café in Clifton, Bristol

Neighbourhood: Bedminster


Deli’s seemed to be a thing of the past. But, in recent years they’ve been reappearing all over the city of Bristol, seamlessly combining the German established shop counter concept, with the trendy café culture we all know and love. And FLIP on North Street, Bedminster does this but also flips it on its head and has gone and done it vegan which we love.


Truly independent and only a short walk from our serviced apartment in Bedminster (The Wharf), this place is a destination for any vegans out and about in the city.

FLIP Vegan Shop & Cafe, North Street -Bedminster

Neighbourhood: Totterdown

Eat Your Greens

Eat Your Greens is a mean roasting spot, serving one of the most sought-after vegan Sunday roasts in the city. Their menus are also gluten free and you can even sign up to receive a mailout at the start of each week to let you know what you’ve got to look forward to over the weekend.


So if you’re in the area, or staying at one of our serviced apartments near Bristol Temple Meads, totter on up the hill to Eat Your Greens and show the local vegan community in Bristol some love.

Eat Your Greens - Totterdown Bristol

Neighbourhood: Clifton

East Village Café

Plonked lovingly in the beautiful village of Clifton, East Village Café is everything you’d imagine a vegan café to be and more.


With all things baked, brewed and blended to the vegan appetite, it’s an obvious highlight when it comes to pit stopping during your boutique shopping experience in the village.

Eastville Village Café, Clifton Village, Bristol

Neighbourhood: Cotham

Café Kino

Established in 2004 as a workers cooperative, Café Kino is a trailblazer in the equality dining scene not just in Bristol but more than likely in the UK. It is the first of its kind in Bristol and they have their niche down to a fine artistry.


With all homemade cakes, burgers, falafel and salads, this vegan café is to be noticed, heard and appreciated by all in its path.

Cafe Kino - Bristol

Neighbourhood: Clifton

The Spotless Leopard

Ran from (but not limited to) a ‘vegan van’ up in the stone cladded streets of Clifton, The Spotless Leopard is some of the most scrumptious vegan home cooking mastered by artist, Louise.


She makes for the take some of Bristol’s most delicious vegan cakes, brownies and savoury snacks that money can buy in the humble streets of Bristol’s foodie neighbourhood.

The Spotless Leopard, Clifton - Bristol

Neighbourhood: St. Pauls

Baba Ganoush Kitchen

Having recently undergone a full-face lift on St. Nicholas Road, Baba Ganoush Kitchen is loud and proud and rightly so as they have only the most delicious falafel in the city.


This roadside falafel funhouse is on a short skip (or stumble on a hangover) from our serviced apartments near Cabot Circus. So if you’re staying the area for fun or on biz then we’d definitely recommend popping your masked head around the door or trying out their colourful new terrace.

Baba Ganoush Kitchen, St. Pauls, Bristol

Neighbourhood: Bedminster

Earth Cake

If you’re vegan and love cake, it wasn’t so long ago that sourcing the deliciously light, fluffy and moist variety was worlds away. And then there was an ‘Earth-cake-quake’ here in Bedminster in Bristol and things were never the same again.

Earth Cake are always stacked out with cake orders for every kind of culinary desire, but as a side hustle they do cake to go and boy is it worth strolling on down to North Street to snatch a slice of Bristol’s finest.

Earth Cake, North Street - Bristol
The Old Dutch Garden - Your Apartment, Bristol

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