Your Apartment - Milton Keynes

Welcome to Your Apartment...

Welcome to Your Apartment – Milton Keynes

Thanks for booking to stay with us!

This is your House Manual which will give you all the details you need to have a relaxing and enjoyable space to call home at Platinum House.

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If you have noticed that something in the apartment is missing, it is likely that it has accidentally been forgotten (sorry we’re human too!). So please call us and we will deliver it to you right away.

We hope you have a great stay and do let us know if we can improve in any way.

Kind Regards,

Charlie & Toby (aka. the Guest Brothers)

Co-founders of Your Apartment


Contacting Us

Your Hosts: Your Apartment

Call: 0331 6300 712

Email: reservations@yourapartment.com


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  • Fire

    In the event of a fire, the fire alarm will sound as a continuous siren. The fire might not originate in your flat but please proceed to leave the building. You should walk down the flights of stairs and wait across the road.

    If you can confirm there is a fire, please contact the fire department on 999


    The address here is: Platinum House, North Second Street, Milton Keynes, MK9 1BZ


    Weekly Fire Alarm Testing

    We test the fire alarm weekly at 11am on a Friday. You do not need to leave the building unless it lasts for longer than 1 minute. If this is the case, it may be a real drill.


    Resetting The Fire Alarm

    In the instance that the alarm is to sound and there is NO FIRE, you can reset the fire alarm using the following instructions:

    • Step One: Check there isn’t a fire
    • Step Two: Go to the fire panel in the main entrance lobby
    • Step Three: First press silence, this will turn the sound of the alarm off. Once the noise is off please then press reset.
  • Medical

    If first aid is required, the MK UH has an A&E Department and is 7 mins from here.

    In a life-threatening situation call 999 for ambulance.


    The address here is: Platinum House, North Second Street, Milton Keynes, MK9 1BZ

  • Flood or Other

    If there any problems with heating, hot water, water, flood, electrical or breakages then please call us in the first instance on 0331 6300 712

General Information

  • Wifi Login

    • Wifi Network: Your Apartment Residents
    • Wifi Password: P992802q
  • No Smoking

    This is a non-smoking apartment and we request that should you wish to smoke you may do so outside of the building away from the entrance.

    Should your apartment smell of smoke or there is evidence that you have chosen to smoke in your apartment, a £150 charge will be added to the card used to make the booking.

  • Check-out & Late Check-out

    All guests are requested to vacate by 10.00 am on the day of departure unless you’ve already pre-paid & organised late check-out which is at 12 noon.

    If you have used any kitchen items, please load these into the dishwasher before leaving and turn onto using instructions below.

    A late check-out fee will be applied to the card on the booking unless agreed otherwise.

    It’s not too late to add late check-out to your booking for £15. Email reservations@yourapartment.com to move check-out to 12 noon.

  • Parking

    We have limited parking on-site, which is available on a first-booked, first-allocated basis. If you haven’t booked this in advance, please call us on 0331 6300 712

    If you haven’t pre-booked parking and there are no spaces left in our Car Park, there is plenty of on-street parking which you can pay over the phone.

  • Television


    You can stream TV online (e.g. Netflix, Amazon Prime, BBC iPlayer, etc.) by selecting SMART TV 


    You can CHROMECAST videos a TV programmes directly from your mobile by scanning the QR code which will allow you to share or Chromecast from your phone or tablet anything which you wish to watch using your account

    Alternatively, as opposed to using the QR code you can connect using the process below

  • Ironing & Laundry

    Complimentary washing powder, washing machines & tumble driers are available in the Laundrette located in the Lobby/Coworking Space. This is clearly sign posted.


    An iron and ironing board are available in the wardrobe in your apartment. You will also find a clothes horse and hairdryer here as well as a safety deposit box.

    Should any items be missing, please contact the Your Apartment team and we will get these dropped to you.

  • Kitchen

    The kitchen is equipped with all the essentials that you will need for preparing a bite to eat or a well-earned drink.

    If you find you are missing items or require additional items, please call us and we will drop these to you immediately. All the appliances in the kitchen are electric.

    The Hob

    1. Make sure the isolation switch is ON – this is found in the cupboard above the sink
    2. The hob is operated by touch, hold the ON button to turn it on.
    3. Place the saucepan onto the ring in which you would like to use If you are staying with young children, please ensure they do not touch it.
    4. Select either the top of the bottom ring as clearly marked on the picture below
    5. Then use the + & – button to select temperature

    MK Hob

    The full instruction manual can be found here.


    The Microwave Oven Settings

    For standard micro-cooking (e.g. heating something up like soup, beans, etc.)…

    Micro Cooking MK

    If you are looking to use the micro oven for the more advanced oven cooking or grilling…

    Combi Cooking MK

    If you would like to learn how to use the appliance to defrost or for multi-stage cooking, please find the full instruction manual here.

  • Dishwasher

    In order to operate the dishwasher…

    Firstly, make sure the isolation switch is ON – this is located in the cupboard above the sink.

    Then read the following instructions to operate…

    Dishwasher MK

    For full instruction manual, you can view here.

  • Noise

    Please enjoy your apartment, however, we ask you to be respectful and keep noise to a minimum.

    Any reported excessive noise coming from your apartment past 11pm will result in a £150 charge. You may also be asked to leave the apartment and no refunds will be given.

  • Hot Water & Shower

    Hot water from the taps & shower comes from a central tank that is continually topping itself up. If the hot water isn’t working, then it is likely that there is a bigger issue so please give us a call on 0331 6300 712

  • Towel Rail

    The towel rail in the bathroom is heated. There is a switch outside the bathroom door in the hallway.

    Simply turn this on and the rail will warm up gradually over an hour or so.

  • Bin Store

    Our housekeepers will take your rubbish out when you vacate your apartment.

    If you wish to empty the bins throughout your stay. Feel free to use the bin store which is located at the rear of the building.

    To get there…

    • Exit the front door, take a left up a small set of steps
    • Walk right to the end and turn left again and follow the path (has trees down the middle)
    • You will then be able to access the bin store via the gate
    • Please ensure the gate is closed when you are finished

    A video of how to get there is coming soon!

  • Sofa Bed & Linen

    If your apartment has a sofa bed & you have requested to use the sofa bed during your stay, we will provide you with the additional linen for this prior to your arrival. This will be placed on top of the sofa and includes a double duvet, duvet cover, two pillows and two pillow cases.

    If you require anything additional, please let us know.

    Should you decide you would like to use the sofa bed after arriving and require linen, do call us immediately and if there isn’t a housekeeper onsite we can direct you to the linen room for you to collect.

    For any additional linen small fee is required in order for us to do this.



  • Co-working Area

    You are free to use the Lobby/Coworking Area at any time of the day. It is open 24 hours and has free access to free fresh coffee & filtered water. This area is specifically for relaxing quietly and for those who want to keep business outside of their apartment and for collaborating with one another.

    We ask that you are courteous of others and are respectful of noise and those also using the space.

    Whilst the area is cleaned during the day, we do ask that you leave your space clear and tidy after use. Dirty mugs and glasses can be placed next to the coffee machine.


    Should you wish to meet a colleague or friend who is not staying at Your Apartment – Clifton Village, we ask that you call us on 0331 6300 712 to check them in and purchase a pass.

    Day Pass – £15 per person

  • Bounce Luggage Storage

    Looking for a place to store your luggage before your arrival or after check-out?

    Why not take advantage of Bounce for easy luggage storage! With lots of nearby locations, it really couldn’t be simpler…

    Use our discount code: YOURAPT

    or click the link below to automatically get 10% off!

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