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How to decorate your apartment

How to decorate your apartment

Looking for some quick and easy inspiration to upgrade your apartment in a way that suits the space as well as your budget? You’ve come to the right place.

Try incorporating some of these practical ideas, and you won’t go far wrong.

Bring the outdoors inside

Houseplants, orchards, and even kitchen herb boxes can inject a sense of natural beauty. This is particularly useful when the apartment lacks a garden or balcony space.

Add family photos

Family photos are the best way to add personality to the home. Whether it’s traditional printed snaps or in the form of canvases is a personal choice. Either way, this will add a sprinkle of magic.

Use rugs to cover ugly floors

If you’re not a fan of the hardwood flooring or the carpet has been stained, throwing a rug over the affected area can offer a quick and cost-efficient solution. Runners are ideal for hallways.

Install dimmer switches

Lighting plays a crucial role in every room. Installing a dimmer switch for the main lighting fixtures gives you a far greater sense of control. This versatility can work wonders in many situations.

Find furniture that fits

Poor furniture layout choices will limit your decorating potential. Measure the alcoves and other oddly shaped areas and find furniture that fits snugly. This will transform the entire look.

Embrace shelving

When storage and floor space are short, hanging shelves are your best friend. They’re easy to install while you can play around with shelving lengths and positions to bring your vision to life.

Choose pretty storage

Handmade baskets and magazine racks are just two examples of aesthetically pleasing storage that also serve a purpose. Make the most of these items to bring personality and function together.

Get radiator covers

Painting radiators isn’t easy. Add a radiator cover unit instead to transform the ghastly sight into something beautiful.  This provides extra storage too, although some heat may be trapped.

Install crown mouldings

Crown mouldings are easy to install and just as easy to remove when it’s time to leave the property. It can make the apartment feel more homely in a very inexpensive manner.

Get painting

A change of colour scheme will set the tone for your entire apartment while even fresh coats of a similar shade will bring a noticeable difference. It’s cheap, quick, and immensely significant.

Choose multifunctional items

Investing in pieces that boast hidden storage or multiple functions will save a lot of space around the apartment. Ottomans and sofa beds are just two examples to get your creativity flowing.

Use mirrors

Strategically placed mirrors will reflect the light to make rooms look brighter while also reflecting the room to make the space look bigger. This can be used in virtually any living space.

Replace handles, taps, and doors

Why replace an entire cupboard or sink when you can have an equally telling transformation by changing handles, taps, or doors? You’ll see the benefits far quicker too.

Avoid clutter

Sometimes, the best thing you can do is remove unnecessary items from the home. Sell them, donate them, or put them in storage. Just don’t let them ruin your home any longer.

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