Things to Do in Milton Keynes

Being a new city, Milton Keynes has been on the front foot when it comes to innovative, experiential and well, just fun thing to do...


Perhaps like us, you love to shop? Or maybe prefer to ski? Or feel zero gravity?

Whatever it may be which takes your fancy, it’s not too much to ask when staying at our serviced apartments in Milton Keynes.

Milton Keynes has grown and transformed over the years to become a hub of things to do. Known more commonly for its housing of commercial sector and industry, it’s not at all straight faced boardroom business as usual.

Just a few minutes walk from our new aparthotel in Milton Keynes are an abundance of first class things to do. From shopping at one of two large shopping centres, Xscape MK activity centre which is home to Snozone dry ski slopes, iFly, Gravity Rock to some of the UK’s most tranquil and scenic sunset over both Campbell Park & Willen Lake.

Here we are going to share with you, why a trip to Milton Keynes doesn’t need to be all business.

For those who love to shop

Centre MK – for those who love to shop

Here at Your Apartment, we love to shop. Centre MK is a busy place filled with all of your favourite high street retailers, restaurants, banks and even barbers.


Some of these include Accessorize, Ask Italian, Dune, FootAsylem, Hobbs, Hotel Chocolate… we think you’ve got the jist.


More for the shopaholics...

Midsummer Place

If one place to shop just isn’t enough, then Midsummer Place should also be on you to do list.


Midsummer Place is home to big name fashion & beauty brands, independent retailers, unique street food eateries, tomorrow’s technology and everyday services.


Somewhere snowy


Snozone is located in the Xscape Centre in Milton Keynes and by far one of the best experiences which you’ll find there. It offers a breadth of a ski and snowboard activities for all levels of ability from complete beginners to freestyle pros.


They also have tuition if you’re on long term business and fancy learning a new hobby during your time in MK.

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Worth a walk

Willen Lake

There’s nothing better than getting out from behind the desk and going for a nice long stroll around Willen Lake.


Lined with tall bushy trees and boasting some relaxing yet impressive panoramic views across the water, if your one for the great outdoors then we recommend finding some time to explore this unexpected part of Milton Keynes.

Playtime for all ages...

Xscape MK

Whether for 5 or 50, Xscape MK doesn’t discriminate on the amount of fun which you can have.


If you’re a film critic then you can head to the cinema to catch a new movie. If you fancy experiencing zero gravity then you can book yourself in to experience just that at iFly. Or if you want to squeeze in a round of golf but its too dark outside, get a ‘mini’ session in on the mini golf course.



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Beautiful landscapes...

Campbell Park

Campbell Park is located at the very heart of Milton Keynes. It’s purpose is to connect the busy city centre to the softer and more natural landscape as well as the more expansive linear park network.


Things to look out for include the The MK Rose monument and pillars as well as reams of public art, some water features, the Grand Union Canal, a first-class cricket pitch, open-air auditorium and planting designed to encourage biodiversity.


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