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For guests arriving on extended stays at Your Apartment - Clifton Village & Frederick Place, we are now offering complimentary Welcome Pantry Crates...

Pantry Crate - Your Apartment

We are now offering complimentary Welcome Pantry Crates to all guests staying with us for over a month at Frederick Place & Your Apartment – Clifton Village


Our Pantry Crate includes:

  • Bruton Dairy Organic Milk (500ml)

Bruton Dairy aims to produce the best quality, locally farmed milk available on the market. Produced just 34 miles away at Godminster Manor Farm, you can’t get organic milk much more local than this.

  • Small Sourdough Loaf (700g)

Baked freshly every day at the Sunday General (approximately 2 minutes walk from Your Apartment – Clifton Village).

  • Longmans Salted Butter (250g)

Longmans Butter is churned in Yeovil, Somerset (approx. 45 miles away) using milk from local herds.


Aside from our fresh items, we also have some sustainable, ethically sourced, UK-produced and organic items included in the Pantry Crate.

  • Sweet Biscuits by Cartwright & Butler

Cartwright & Butler’s biscuits are certainly not for those that like to count calories. Produced in Yorkshire, they are by far the butteriest, the creamiest and the crumbliest. And why? They say it’s ‘…because that’s what makes good food great’.

  • Cru Kafe Organic Coffee

The guys and gals at Cru Kafe set out on a mission. They wanted to create coffee that tasted good, felt good, and ‘did good’. This is why from the beginning they’ve only ever used organic, ethically sourced coffee.

  • Joe’s English Breakfast Tea

Big up Joe’s Tea. He most certainly wasn’t going to put his name to any old tea, but the very best. And by ‘the best’ he meant sourced from the very finest and most ethical organic tea plantations he could find. But again, why? So he could give us our favourite British drink in its most incredible form and to make a good cuppa tea, accessible.

  • Still & Sparkling ‘Cans’ of Life Water

The only plastic we wanted in our Pantry Crate was the crate. So if we were going to include water in our Pantry Crate, Life Water UK was the golden standard. 100% recyclable and funds from each sale go towards clean water projects across the globe, through charity partner, drop4drop.org.

  • Daisy & Dom – Dark Vegan Chocolate

Palm oil in chocolate is still sadly not a thing of the past. But for Doisy & Dam, it was never a part of their past and it certainly isn’t popping up in their future. These chocolatiers have a winning recipe which no orangutangs had to die for.


Stay for less than a month and still want to try the freshest Pantry Crate you’ll find at any serviced apartment in Bristol?

When booking your stay with us direct, you can add it to your booking for just £25.

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